And how many wounds do you have? Recite this powerful prayer of healing to Jesus and treat them all

Lord Jesus, I believe you are alive and resurrected. I believe you are truly present in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar and in each of us who believe in you. I praise you and adore you. I thank you, Lord, for coming to me, as a living bread descended from heaven. 

You are the fullness of life, you are the resurrection and the life, you, Lord, you are the health of the sick. Today I want to present you all my ills, because you are the same yesterday, today and always and you yourself reach me where I am. You are the eternal present and you know me. Now, Lord, I ask you to have compassion on me. 

Visit me for your gospel so that everyone recognizes that you are alive in your Church today; 
and that renew my faith and my trust in you; I beg you, Jesus.

Have compassion on the sufferings of my Body, my heart and my soul.

Have compassion on me, Lord, bless me and let me regain health.

May my faith grow and open me to the wonders of your love, so that it may also be a witness of your power and your compassion.

I ask you, Jesus 
for the power of your holy wounds 
for your holy Cross and for your Precious Blood.

Heal me, Lord. 
Heal me in the body, 
heal me in the heart, 
heal me in the soul.

Give me life, life in abundance. 
I ask you for intercession 
of Mary Most Holy, your Mother, the Virgin of Sorrows, 
that he was present, standing, near your Cross; 
who was the first to contemplate your holy wounds, 
and what you gave us for Mother.

You have revealed to us that we have taken our pains upon you 
and for your holy wounds we have been healed.

Today, Lord, I present to you all my ills with faith 
and I ask you to heal me completely.

I ask you, for the glory of the Father in heaven, 
to heal even the sick of my family and my friends. 
Let them grow in faith, in hope 
and that they regain health for the glory of your name. 

Because your kingdom continues to extend itself more and more in the hearts 
through the signs and wonders of your love.

All this, Jesus, I ask you because you are Jesus. 
You are the Good Shepherd and we are all the sheep of your flock.

I’m so sure of your love, 
that even before knowing the result 
of my prayer, I tell you with faith: 
Thank you, Jesus, for all you will do for me and for each of them. 
Thanks for the sick you’re healing now, 
thank you for those you are visiting with your Mercy.

Father Emiliano Tardif