American Bolsheviks Run Free With Media Support… Dangerous Times – Christian Discrimination Allowed …Signs of Fatima Medjugorje Prophecy

Christianity is being attacked across this county with full support from the Main Stream Media. 

from Conservative Tribune:

Welcome to the “diversity” and “tolerance” of the modern left: A Catholic family man and father of four children is now attacked as a “kid killer” because he happens to share the faith of over 70 million other Americans (and over 1 billion people worldwide).This, somehow, is supposed to inspire unity and joint solutions to the problem of violent school crime. What has Marco Rubio done to deserve being portrayed with blood on his face and slammed as a killer of children? His main “offense” appears to be merely believing in God and leaning conservative.

At Fatima Our Lady said that Russia would “error” .. The “error” of course was atheist communism which led to a direct attack against Christianity. 1000’s of priests were killed and 1000’s of Churches and Cathedrals were destroyed throughout Russia.  Religion was violently persecuted and outlawed. Ultimately world wide communism would lead to the deaths of over 100 million people. See video of the destruction of Christ the Savior Cathedral.

At Medjugorje Our Lady warned that the “West will make civilizatrion progess but with out God and will act like their own creator.” 

In Europe and the United States we seeing a rapid decline  in church attendance while at the same time acceptance of Christian persecution is becoming common place. 

(She also said Russia would experience a Christian revival)