Our Lady is preparing Her army of love …”I see the battle that Our Lady is fighting. I see how she is ready, as a mother to fight on all fronts.” Mirjana with powerful message for a world in chaos.

Here is part of an interview with Mirjana, made by Father Livio, which aired on Radio Maria.

Father Livio: Our Lady sometimes has very severe expressions on the situation in the world.

She says that we want to build a world without God and that is why we are unhappy.

She also said that for a world without God there is neither future nor eternal life. 

So I ask myself: in this world where sin reigns, as Our Lady says, and where unbelief and hatred spread, how will Our Lady be able to save all souls? 

MIRJANA: With love. Simply with love.


Father Livio: But also with our contribution.

MIRJANA: Shee needs us. “Help me help you. She says”

Father Livio: “Help me to help you,” he once said.

MIRJANA: A mother needs her children and so does the Madonna. So let’s go back to our discussion at the beginning, that is, there are no privileged children. Our Lady has chosen us six, but then you too are her apostles. She invited you to come here to open your heart, to receive messages and afterwards to involve many other people. All this for me is a mother’s job that fights for her children and that wants to save every child.

Medjugorje - Maria Ti Parla
Medjugorje – Mirjana

Father Livio: She created an army of prayer and sacrifice to save everyone.

MIRJANA: I, for example, when I pray at home and think of all the pilgrims who have come from America and Asia, not to mention those of Europe, I ask myself: “Who told them to come here?”. Who said in America that Our Lady appears in this small place? Our Lady is the one who puts in our hearts the desire to come, to see and to change. For this reason, in every pilgrim who comes, I see the battle that Our Lady is fighting. I see how she is ready, as a mother, to fight on all fronts.

Father Livio: She is preparing his army of love.

MIRJANA: You want to give peace, love and joy. She wants to give Jesus, her Son, because we could have everything, even all the material things that can be had on earth, but if you don’t have that peace that Jesus gives you, you have nothing. If you don’t have Jesus, you will want more and more material things and then you won’t even know what you want and in the end you get lost.

Interview August 8, 2001