Fr. James Blount’s foreshadowing of the Three Days of Darkness

Just before the prophesied Era of Peace begins, there will be Three Days of Darkness. Fr. James Blount, with an exorcism and healing ministry, shares an experience he had of the Virgin Mary showing him a black out, three times.

3 thoughts on “Fr. James Blount’s foreshadowing of the Three Days of Darkness

  • Fr. Blount’s reflection on his experience is intriguing. While there are certain parts to be received as a blessing he makes a statement that is not only erroneous but deadly. He states an EMP event would wipe out cell phones, computers and all electronics and that this would be a good thing. What he neglects to mention is all refrigeration, pacemakers, lights, surgical machines, cars, airplanes etc would also be struck. Insulin would be rendered unusable – all the diabetics are dead. Patients undergoing surgery will die. Airplanes will fall from the sky – there are approximately 1 million passengers in the air over the USA at any given time – all dead. The Federal Government estimates an EMP event that does what Fr. Blount describes will kill 90% of the American people within a year. The power won’t just come back on, because the entire delivery grid is destroyed. I urge this holy priest to be less delighted in the prospect of an EMP.

  • I think this is indeed very likely. Would like to know if father James Blount has some more information on the timing.
    I think in Medjugorje there will be an announcement tis year. Normally te 3 days happen after a 3 month war in Europe. Russian Invasion of Europe taking Germany in 3 days.
    I have nothing against publishing my email.

  • It would be a good thing if we got rid of wireless technology, most especially cellphone. It is dangerous and toxic to human beings.

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