“Wokeism” Killing America’s Interest – Sunday’s Oscars bombed big time.


In delayed fast national results released by Nielsen, the 93rd Academy Awards were watched by 9.85 million, with just a 1.9 rating among the key 18-49 demographic — an all-time low for Tinseltown’s biggest night, Deadline.com reported.

The head count was a drop of over 58% from the previous low of the 2020 Oscars last Feb. 9, when 23.6 million watched

In the key demographic, this year’s Oscars was down 64.2% in the earlier ratings from the 2020 Oscars.

It should come as no surprise.

There have been years of declining Oscars’ viewers, several months of little watched virtual awards shows, pandemic-shuttered movie theaters, and a slate of Oscar nominees that lacked big name recognition.

“Everything about it stank,” Piers Morgan bluntly declared in commentary for the Daily Mail. “Honestly, if there was an Oscar for Worst Horror Story, it would go to whoever decided it would be a good idea to hold this year’s event in a train station.

“Though ironically, that turned out to be the most perfectly appropriate venue for a grim, soulless three-hour ordeal that was the complete opposite of what Hollywood’s biggest night is supposed to be about.

“The Oscars had one job after the whole world had endured a year of hell with the coronavirus pandemic: make us feel better,” he added. “The fact it made us all feel slightly worse by the end is an almost miraculously bad achievement worthy of winning an award itself.”

Disney-owned ABC network plan on officially releasing their 2021 Oscar data Tuesday, when the final numbers are in. As other broadcasters have done with similar big-ticket events over the past year or so, those numbers will incorporate at home viewing across all domestic time zones, as well as out-of-home viewing.