Medjugorje – Ivan: “I must say that Satan is present today, as never before in the world!…Satan wants to destroy the Church itself.” 


FATHER LIVIO: Our Lady said that satan wants hatred, wants war and that there is a plan of satan to destroy the planet we live on …

IVAN: I must say that Satan is present today, as never before in the world! What we must particularly highlight today is that Satan wants to destroy families, he wants to destroy young people: young people and families are the foundation of the new world … I would also like to say another thing: Satan wants to destroy the Church itself. There is its presence also in Priests who are not doing well; and also wants to destroy the Priestly Vocations that are emerging. But Our Lady always warns us before Satan acts: she warns us of his presence. For this we must pray. We must particularly highlight these very important components: 1 ° families and young people, 2 ° the Church and vocations.

FATHER LIVIO: Our Lady made the visionaries see the afterlife, that is the outlet of our life, to remind us that here we are on the land of pilgrims. You Ivan, you were brought to Heaven: can you tell us about this experience?

IVAN: First of all it must be said that it is difficult to describe in words what Heaven is like. In 1984 and also in 1988 are the two times in which the Madonna showed me Heaven. She told me the day before. That day, I remember, Our Lady comes, takes me by the hand and I arrived in Heaven in a moment: a space without borders in the valley of Medjugorje, without borders, where songs are heard, there are Angels and people walk and sing ; all wear long dresses. From where I saw it, I noticed that people looked the same age … It is difficult to find words. This also confirms the Gospel: “Eye has not seen, ear has not heard …”. It really is difficult to describe Heaven! Our Lady guides us all to Heaven and when she comes every day she brings us a piece of Heaven. Behind her shoulders you can see this Paradise …

FATHER LIVIO: Saint Paul says he was brought to Heaven, but he doesn’t know whether with body or without body … I didn’t understand if you saw Heaven or you were brought with your body …

IVAN: I can only say that Our Lady took me by the hand and from that position I saw Heaven, Heaven opened, but I cannot say whether with the body or not. Everything happened during the apparition. It was an immense joy! More or less this experience lasted 5 minutes. In one of these two times of the experience, Our Lady asked me: “Do you want to stay here?”. I remember, it was 1984 and I was still a kid and I replied: “No, I want to go back, because I didn’t say anything to my mom!”.

FATHER LIVIO: Is it fair to say, as Vicka also said, that after 31 years “we are still at the beginning of the apparitions”?

IVAN: This question about the length of the apparitions is also present to the Bishops, the Priests and the faithful. Many times the priests ask me: “Why do they last so long? Why does Our Lady come for so long? Some say:” Our Lady comes and tells us the same things many times, nothing new … “. Some Priests say : “We have the Bible, the Church, the Sacraments … What is the meaning of this long coming of Our Lady?” Yes, we have the Church, the Sacraments, Sacred Scripture … But Our Lady asks us a question: ” But all these things that you have listed before, do you live them? Do you practice them? “. This is the question each of us must answer. Do we really live what we have? Our Lady is with us for this. We know that we have to pray in the family and we don’t do it, we know we have to forgive and not we forgive, we also know the commandment of love and we do not love, we know that we must do works of charity and we do not do them, we know that there is the commandment to go to Mass on Sunday and we do not go there, we know that Confession is required of us , but we do not go, we know that we married must live the sacrament of our marriage, we do not live it, we also know that we must respect and appreciate life from the moment of conception until death, but we do not respect this life … The reason for Our Lady is so long among us is because we are stubborn! We do not live what we know! In these 31 years, Our Lady has not really given us a special message: everything she tells us we know from the teaching and tradition of the Church, but we do not live it: this is the point.