The devil sends people into your life to steal your blessings -THEY live among US.

This time in Medjugorje, which has lasted since June 24, 1981, is characterized by an event that is unique in the history of humanity, the presence of Our Lady among us on earth.

Our Lady invites us, like never before, to take his only-begotten Son Jesus Christ as an example and to always follow in his footsteps and teachings.

She invites us because she understands that there are consequences for those who reject Jesus as our savior. In the early days of the apparitions, already Our Lady was warning the faithful about the demonic influences of people who come into our life and into our homes.

On March 14, 1985 she gave the visionaries a message that she wanted shared with the parish of Medjugorje and with the world.

She said: “Dear children! In your life you have all experienced light and darkness.

God grants to every person the ability to recognize good and evil. I am calling you to the light which you should carry to all the people who are in darkness.

People who are in darkness daily come into your homes. Dear children, give them the light! Thank you for having responded to my call.”

We know that people who are in darkness who come into our homes have accepted sin as a way of life and this is why the  Holy Mother persistently asks us to pray for these lost souls.

Visionary Mirjana has spoken often of the real influence of the devil and how he enters into peoples homes. The visionary understands this well because the Blessed Mother has directly made known to her of this reality.

In an interview conducted in the early years of the apparitions on Friday, October 25, 1985, Miryana was asked a question about demonic activity and how to protect our home and family. Question: The behavior of people when they are under the influence of the devil, is the devil in them – are they possessed?

Miryana: Allow me to answer the question this way. When the Blessed Virgin appeared to me she greeted me, saying: “Praised be Jesus.” Then she spoke of unbelievers:

“They are my children. I suffer because of them. They do not know what awaits them. You must pray more for them.” “I want to say that people who are under a demonic influence does not always mean the devil is in them, but they’re under his influence.

Although, at times the devil enters into some of them. And to prevent this, at least to some extent, the Madonna said we need communal prayer, family prayer. She stressed the need for family prayer most of all. Also, every family should have at least one sacred object in the house. Our Lady has spoken often of the value of blessed objects in the home. She implores us to “put on the armor.”

The centrality of Jesus as our protector and savior is at the heart of Medjugorje and so this is why Our Lady says that the cross is the supreme armor to ward off demonic influences and to defeat the dark spirits of people who enter into our homes.

Our Celestial Mother said on September 12, 1985“Dear children! I wish to tell you that the cross should be central these days. Pray especially before the cross from which great graces are coming. Now in your homes make a special consecration to the cross. Promise that you will neither offend Jesus nor abuse the cross. Thank you for having responded to my call.” Our Lady is calling.