“We are on the eve of dramatic events that will shake the world” – The first two secrets are inevitable and providential

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The first two secrets are inevitable and providential

Dearest Father Livio, Our Lady’s words and also your comment make us reflect on the first two secrets of Medjugorje. We know that they will be two unpleasant local events and from the expressions used by the Celestial Mother, who still sees us far away, we can imagine that they will be inevitable, but I also think useful to awaken as many people as possible. 

It also occurred to me that the call on January 1st on Podbordo was a sort of confirmation in faith in view of our state of inadequacy at the crucial moment, a bit like Jesus did with Peter before the Passion, when three times she asked him if he loved him. I don’t know if it’s actually a relevant comparison, but I expose my reflections spontaneously to you, who I consider my spiritual father. 

What is certain is that Our Lady knows what she is doing and not a single comma is said by chance. All is welcome therefore, for Mary to the glory of the Holy Trinity!

 Thank you dear Father

Ave Maria

Lidia Coffaro 

Dear Lydia,

We are on the eve of dramatic events that will shake the world, as can be seen by looking at the direction humanity is running.

Yet Mary’s presence for over four decades, with daily apparitions that are very difficult to refute, is not accepted as an unexpected grace, given to a world on the brink of the abyss.

The sleep of disbelief increasingly puts souls to sleep, many of whom are surrendering to the denial of Faith and the Cross.

Even in Medjugorje it is only a minority that resists steadfastly under the mantle of the Gospa, while “the weeds have taken over many hearts that have become sterile”.

The drift of humanity that rebels against “our God” was photographed by the Queen of Peace with unequivocal words: “Modern man does not want God and is heading towards perdition”.

Not only “our God, that is, Jesus Christ, but the Mother of God herself is not taken into consideration, when she is not despised. God annoys and with Him his messengers.

In this desolate context, the events of the secrets will inevitably happen, where it will not be easy, for those hardened at heart, to see the hand of Heaven reaching out to save those who grasp it.

We cannot imagine what will happen, but we can meditate on what Jesus reveals to us in the gospel about “the end times”.

“But when Jesus returns to earth, will he still find faith?”, the great Pontiff Paul VI wondered in anguish, thinking about the historical moment we are experiencing.

Ave Maria

Father Livio

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