Mirjana: “Nobody knows their time, we must be ready ..Do not fall asleep like the apostles in Gethsemane.”


In an interview, Father Livio and Mirjana spoke of the personal call, at the point of death, of everyone to Heaven. Here are the most salient steps

We live in a time of particular manifestation of divine mercy and herefore this chapter of secrets also seems to me like the passage of the Jews across the Red Sea, that is, a difficult passage towards a landing of light.

MIRJANA: Yes, but I wouldn’t call it difficult, because when you accept the will of the Lord, when you accept and when you know that God is your Father, who loves you, even all those crosses that you find on the way of your life take with love .

MIRJANA: And they are not difficult for you, because you know that if you bring them, you help the Lord with those crosses.

Well, Mirjana, then Our Lady doesn’t want us to think too much about secrets, but she is certainly preparing us spiritually for moments when it will take a lot of faith and a lot of strength.

MIRJANA: But every day it takes a lot of faith, a lot of strength.

It takes a daily “watch and pray”.


Medjugorje (Radio Maria)

It seems important to me to underline the importance of “waking up from the tired sleep of our souls”, as Our Lady says. In fact, after twenty years of apparitions, we are used to it and every time we wait for the message of the following month in the hope that it will tell us something new to turn us around. Then, when the difficult moment or the time of trial arrives, we risk finding ourselves asleep like the apostles in Gethsemane. It seems to me that we must face the future with a highly prepared spiritual attitude.

MIRJANA: But I believe we have to be ready every second.

Undoubtedly continuous vigilance is a fundamental aspect of the life of every Christian.

MIRJANA: Not only do we have to be ready in the future and face the future with great preparation, but I you, our friends and everyone must be prepared every moment, because we don’t know when …

Because we don’t know what the day and time is …

MIRJANA: That God will call me!

There is no doubt that there is also, and I would say above all, a personal call.

MIRJANA: But if we are all ready every moment, it will be a beautiful call.

(Interview of Radio Maria on August 8, 2001)

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