Medjugorje: Our Lady reveals to us how to fight Satan…She is the only woman who wins on satan!

Can Our Lady protect us from the evil one?

From La Luce Di Maria Translated by Google.

She is the only woman who wins on satan!

Medjugorje, Vicka describes the Madonna

The Queen of Peace in Medjugorje has repeatedly spoken to the visionaries during her apparitions of the perennial enemy of God, the enemy of the Church and of her faithful: Satan. 
He seduces those tempted by flattery and who listen to the dictates of the world rather than seek the Truth and entrust themselves to God.

Medjugorje: The warnings

On March 25, 1993, the message of Our Lady was as follows: “Dear children, today as never before, I invite you to pray for peace : peace in your hearts, peace in your families and peace in the whole world ; because Satan wants war, wants the lack of peace and wants to destroy all that is good. Therefore, dear children, pray, pray, pray. Thank you for answering my call! “.

Just follow the news stories to realize how authentic and current the words of the Queen of Peace. 
She herself said on, March 25, 1992, : “I can not help you because you are far from my Heart, so pray and live my messages and so you will see the miracles of God’s love in your daily life”. We must get closer to prayer, to receive grace; we must abandon ourselves to the embrace of the heavenly Mother, to feel her protection. She wins against satan, She can defeat Satan and the other demons; but one must believe in her Son obtain peace and protection.

“Remove all thoughts, except those that unite me and Jesus to you. Drive away the other thoughts with which Satan wants to deceive you and take you away from me,  On February 27, 1985 Our Lady said: 
“Love, love! Jesus easily converts people if you love. Love you too: so you change the world!’

So, if we need to understand how to act to fight the evil of the world, we can be sure that Our Lady will show us the way, she being the only woman who keeps him at bay, crushing him under his holy feet.