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Dearest Livio,

I was very struck by the letter from Pasquale di Napoli, where he expresses his conviction that “in Fatima, the Most Holy Mary revealed to us not the killing of a particular Pope, but of the “Papacy”.

I wondered if there were any reasons why this hypothesis could be taken into consideration. In my opinion, the attack on S. Giovanni II could be a lead.

In fact, although we don’t have proof, we know who and where this crime was plotted. Saint John Paul II knew this and revealed it in his latest interview book “Memory and Identity”.

I wonder, dear Father, if those who dream of building a “”Soviet-Orthodox” world empire, with the aim of annexing Europe, do not foresee the elimination of the Papacy or its transfer to the third Rome.

I don’t want to dwell on it, but you certainly understand what’s going on in my head. Do you have any thoughts on this?

Bianca from Brescia

Dear Bianca,

in my opinion Russia will be the protagonist of the time of secrets, as clearly appears from the revelations of Our Lady in Fatima.

The events of the secrets on the other hand concern the Church more than the world, therefore they concern the Pope in particular. It would be a mistake to think that an aggression by the Russian army on Europe would not bring devastation and death as is happening in Ukraine

As the ideologist of the “Soviet-Orthodox” empire Alexander Dugin stated in writings and on television (also in Italy), the West has corrupted Christianity and only by being absorbed into Orthodoxy can it save itself.

So if Russia arrives in Rome the irreparable could happen.

It will happen? We do not know. But the hypothesis is within the realm of possibility.

However, we are sure that in the end Our Lady will triumph with the Catholic Church and that Russia will convert.

Very hard tests await us regarding faith, but Our Lady will be present with her daily apparitions and her messages.

So courage!

Ave Maria

Father Livio