HIDDEN PROPHECY OF FATIMA: THE POWERS OF THE WORLD IN THE TRIBULATION ( “we just wiped out a billion people, look at this.”)

Father Malachi Martin revealed things that were hidden in the 3rd Secret of Fatima.

Father Malachi Martin read the 3rd Secret of Fatima.

He swore not to reveal it, but he gave clues to it until he died in 1999, which allows us to conjecture a good part of it.

The 3rd secret of Fatima announces the tribulations that will come to the world and the Church for having distanced itself from God.

But it also announces that the tribulation will happen through human channels, related to the group of the powerful of the world.

And it reveals that satan will have special power over the last Pope, prior to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.   

Here we will talk about the tribulation that the 3rd secret of Fatima announces, the powerful behind it, the Pope controlled by the evil one, and the remedy to lessen its consequences.

When the future Cardinal Agostino Bea left the meeting with John XXIII, he was as pale as the dying.

Then Father Malachi Martin, his secretary, asked him “What’s wrong, Your Eminence?”

And he replied, “we just wiped out a billion people, look at this.” 

And he handed him a sheet containing a 26-line text, which Father Martin read quickly.

Pope John had just decided not to publish the third secret of Fatima and not to consecrate Russia.

And Malachi says that from that day on, every word of the text of the third secret of Fatima was indelibly engraved in his mind. 

Father Malachi Martin, a Jesuit with an impressive background and training, swore not to divulge the contents of the secret.

But given the importance of the subject, he indicated whether the hypotheses that were mentioned about him were correct or not.

However, in his book “Las Claves de esta Sangre”, Martín did not hold back and wrote that the formulation written in the Third Secret covers three main themes. 

A physical punishment to nations, which involves catastrophes, man-made or natural, on land, in water and in the atmosphere. 

A spiritual punishment, much more terrifying and distressing than physical difficulties, especially for Catholics, which would consist in the disappearance of faith, apostasy; a period of widespread infidelity in many countries.

And both are regulated by Russia and by its conversion.

These events are intended to punish the nations for their impiety and abandonment of God’s laws.

Martin also pointed out that the punishments that await the world, if we insist on rejecting the solution of the Blessed Virgin of Fatima, would begin unexpectedly, accompanied by confusion and loss of rationality on the part of humanity.

And the result would be that parts of continents would be wiped out forever, entire nations would be annihilated, and many more would lose their faith. 

According to Martin the spiritual punishment apparently began shortly after 1960 and noted, “Cardinals, bishops and priests are falling like leaves in hell.” 

“Faith disappears in countries and continents and many of the elect will lose faith.”

And he stated that things will go so badly that if Our Lady does not intervene, no one would be saved. 

So, the apostasy in the Church would be the background of the Third Secret.

Over the years, where Malachi Martin answered questions but did not reveal the text of the third secret, three major themes emerged.

The first is that he said that this whole process could be avoided, it doesn’t have to happen, if two requests that Maria made were granted. 

One, that whoever was Pope in 1960 published the text of the Third Secret, so that the whole world could read it and know it. 

And two, that the then Pope, with all his bishops acting collegiately, should consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Neither of these conditions were met during the time of John XXIII , and Martin particularly regretted that the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary had not taken place in October 1962, when 2,500 bishops gathered in the Vatican to open the Council.

Therefore, Russia is God’s chosen instrument to punish humanity through error, wars and persecution.

But once consecrated, it will be the instrument of a new evangelization.

And when Russia converts there would be a period of great peace and prosperity.

With all this it is very clear that the Fatima apparitions are related to the period of great tribulation, which we are apparently already undergoing.

And these revelations end by saying that there will be an intervention from Heaven and the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph, but in Fatima it does not say how this process will be.

Just 4 decades later, when Our Lady descends to Garabandal, it is revealed what that intervention will be like.

The tribulation will continue its upward course and will have a major peak when Russia invades Europe and a massive war is declared.

After which Heaven will send the Warning to reform the conscience of the world, and will reaffirm it with a permanent Miracle in various parts of the world, where Mary appeared.

And then, depending on the result of the conversion, the Punishment would come, which would have already started in the 1960s, but it will grow gradually, and it will have a new escalation. 

The second important theme that emerged from Malachi Martin’s responses is that when the Cold War was still going on, he declared in an interview with Bernard Jenson that there was a higher power to which both superpowers paid homage.

A group of people behind the fictional cold war between the United States and Russia, whose goal was to create a new order for the world.

Both Western and Communist bloc countries were being maneuvered to create a godless and godless world, beyond any law.

And As he walked down Lexington Avenue in New York, he told Bernard Janson, that even though the US still had democratic structures and even though they could still vote, they were actually already being controlled from above.

He ruled that in the coming years, the most important decisions would no longer be made by the Americans. 

In this new world order, individual states will no longer count, everything will be globalized, and this new world order will be more economic than political.

The current geopolitical situation would be dominated by the flow of capital and material goods, and no nation can do without it.

He said that the men who run this new order are not tied to any particular nation.

He spoke of about seventy people who decide the fate of entire nations.

And that even the Vatican is under the control of these few men of immense power, and he must do as he is told to survive.

This group would be responsible for the tribulation.?

And the third important issue is that satan wants to gain power in the highest echelons of the Church.

He was asked if it is true that the last Pope will be under the control of satan. 

And he agreed, but he specified that this does not necessarily mean that he is the last Pope before the end, but rather the last Pope of these times , that is, before the decisive intervention of Heaven, which will culminate in the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. 

And then, that the words “under the control of Satan” can have several meanings.

There are several ways that satan can control a human being, partially or totally. 

The person may have “sold his soul to the devil” in exchange for a favor, or satan may control the people and circumstances surrounding that person.

Well, up to here the indirect revelations that Father Malachi Martin was making through the years, about the third secret of Fatima, which shed light on its content and on Fatima’s function of giving a remedy to the tribulation.