The shock of the first Secret will open the eyes of the inhabitants of Medjugorje


We move from a worldly vision of life to a supernatural vision

Someone might wonder why the Queen of Peace’s plan includes the “Cross” of the first two secrets that painfully involve Medjugorje, after a multi-decade period of time during which there has certainly been no shortage of long periods of courageously overcome trials. It is always the visionary Mirjana who, after describing the material “disaster”, reveals to us the profound spiritual change that occurred in her.

Mirjana, in fact, states that these events permitted by God will have extraordinary effects of grace. Faced with the loss of material things, perhaps even of life, there is the possibility of an interior transformation for those who cultivate faith; others won’t want to see. The scales will fall from the eyes and people will look at the world and life from a different perspective.

This happens to many people who experience the test of illness, for example, and come out of it changed, they have a different vision of life. Life is a passage, it’s a blink of an eye. Through these events there is a purification that opens to eternity.

This will happen to all those who have responded to the call, but who need purification and to all those who have preserved the traces of the goodness of human nature in their hearts, the traces of the grace that will make them open to God’s call. Secrets is God’s time par excellence, we will be called to decide before God whether to stay on his side to the end, whether to remain indifferent or whether to go against him.

About the spiritual awakening and why God allowed the testing of the first Secrets in Medjugorje, Mirjana said the day after the vision: «It shook me more than anything else. This was, of course, due to seeing the first Secret . If people saw the first Secret, as was demonstrated to me yesterday, everyone would certainly be shocked enough to look at themselves and everything around them in a completely new way. Now I know things that are not particularly pleasant. I believe that if everyone knew the same things, each of these people would be shocked and look at our world in a completely different light.”

We then move from a worldly vision of life to a supernatural vision; from a vision of life according to an earthly logic to a vision of life according to the perspective of eternity through which we understand that God, love, holiness, grace matter, that even suffering becomes an instrument of grace and everything must be oriented towards eternal life.

If people were aware of the disaster and suffering caused by the first Secret, they would certainly be shaken enough to look at themselves and their surroundings differently. Just think of those who lost everything due to floods and earthquakes; I am sure that among them there are those who have had a change in outlook on life compared to before the catastrophe.

Those who see, who experience the effects of the first Secret up close but also from afar, will be led to a radical purification of mind and heart. Obviously, there must be adherence, good will and faith upstream.

 The vision of life will be different, God will be the absolute good, loved above all things; Paradise will be the goal to be achieved, love for others as a life practice. Medjugorje was chosen to show the world how the Secrets must be lived in a time of purification and transformation of oneself.

The people of Medjugorje will be an example for all men and women of good will on how to face this ordeal that would have happened anyway (except the third Secrets), because the events of the Secrets are caused by nature or by men.

Our Lady, by announcing the Secrets, does not provoke them, they would happen anyway. Through the announcement three days before, God ensures that the prophecy gives us the possibility of spiritual renewal and physical safety.

God has assumed events that would happen in any case, to bring us to an internal spiritual purpose of improving our outlook and the orientation of our heart. This happens if we prepare for the Secrets in time. Otherwise it happens that, arriving unprepared, we will be involved and we risk being resentful towards God, accusing him of not intervening to save us. With the events of the Secrets God wants to change the world spiritually so that a time of peace begins.

In the interview of October 26, 1985 Mirjana said that preparation for the first Secret is necessary: ​​«The Holy Virgin told me that it is necessary to pray a lot until the first Secret is revealed. But beyond this, it is necessary to make sacrifices as much as possible, to help others as much as is within our ability, and to fast, especially now before the first Secret. You said that we are obliged to prepare.”

Time runs fast and runs out, so we must exploit it to enter the new dimension which is that of the time of Christ’s salvation through Mary.

Our Lady, through Mirjana, recommends us to dedicate ourselves completely to preparing for the first Secret. When the time of the Secrets begins, if we are not prepared and therefore fortified, we will risk throwing in the towel and surrendering to evil:

«She not only asks but begs everyone to convert, to pray, to fast. [Those who do not believe] They have no idea what awaits them, and that is why, as their Mother, she is in deep anguish for them,” Mirjana said, referring to people who do not believe and thus live their lives without God This is the time of spiritual conquests, if we are not strengthened we risk collapsing. We must necessarily prepare now.

The first Secret will certainly be something disastrous that will necessarily cause a rethinking of one’s life and a different way of looking at the world. Whoever believes will cause the collapse of the material priorities we have and we will put God and the soul first. This spiritual metamorphosis will allow us to pass through the fiery furnace without being burned. In the time of the Secrets we will be purified and made like Mary’s angels.

We don’t have time to waste. Let’s see if our life is in order, if we have all the weapons for the battle, how strong our faith is, how great our love for Mary is. Let’s go to confession, let’s break the chains of evil with the Sacrament of Confession preceded by the resolution to no longer sin and by the pain of sins.

Let’s put our lives in order, let’s prepare for battle by throwing away the ballast. Let’s put order in our families, let’s face the world with a different look. Let’s not enter the vanity fair, let’s cultivate an evangelical life. This is a time of grace that we must live in this perspective. Our Lady forces us to prepare because she wants us to be saved and, through us, she wants to save many souls.

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