In 2017, the internationally famous singer, Shakira, was close to never being able to sing again, due to a hemorrhage on her vocal cords.

Since childhood singing was the most important thing in her life and with her struggle she became depressed and melancoloy. Life began to seep away from her.

Shakira told the The Guardian newspaper: ”I thought there would be things in my life that slowly would have abandoned me, like beauty, youth … But I never thought that my voice could have left me because it’s so rooted in my nature. It’s my identity. Not being able to sing was unbearable. “

For Shakira the depression deepened and she had difficulty communicating with her children, she had to express herself with gestures.
But she didn’t want surgery, as the doctors suggested.
She was afraid that the intervention would not be successful and there was a risk surgery could ruin her voice forever.
‘My husband saw me at my worst’.

Shakira said she became ‘very bitter’ after fearing she had lost her voice for good… but it came back after she had a ‘religious and spritual encounter’ at Lourdes.

The water of Lourdes cured her voice.
The singer tried many remedies but it was finally the water of Lourdes that changed everything.
The voice is back: the pop star tells of having experienced something mystical : “It was as if I had lived a mystical experience “.

In the interview, the liberal English newspaper “The Gaurdian” avoided giving credit to Shakira’s prayers to the Queen of Peace at Lourdes but it stands to reason that the Catholic singer from Columbia who attend Catholic schools sought help from Our Lady of Lourdes. Shakira has won multiple Grammy, Latin Grammys and American Music Awards and has sold 75 million records worldwide.


  • Nobody is talking about this because it happened 4 years ago, and received significant press coverage at the time.

    • I understand, but as I say in my video. The Uber Liberal English newspaper “The Guardian” went out its way to play down the Catholic aspect to the story.

      It was a horrible biased artcile biased. and the true significance of the story was watered down. Instead of a “spiritual” experience the writer called it “mystical” also the article did not mention mother Mary or catholic prayer,

      • Can you link that specific article you’re talking about? The most prominent Guardian article about this does not down play anything and actually quotes Shakira saying it “it felt like I was having some kind of religious experience”. In fact, they seem to dwell on the Catholic aspect of it moreso than any other alternatives that she tried!

        Also, you misspelled “Guardian” in your “article”.

        • i dont know.. “religios”? did the “Guardian” mention that Shakira was raised Catholic and attended Catholic school?
          Did they use he word “Catholic”? I don’t think. May have offended someone

          • It did in fact! It actually had a whole section describing how her Catholic upbringing and attendance of a Catholic school helped shape her philanthropic and activist inclinations today! It was a very good read, she’s had an eventful life.

            You’d know these answers if you had read the article you’re referencing and demonizing in your cute little blog post. That makes me question your intentions, and confirms my initial suspicions that you’re operating in bad faith.

          • My bad.. I guess I only saw an edited vision of the artcile. DO you have a link to the full article. I vaguely remeber trying to google it. I always felt the version I was reading was incomplete,

  • Man, don’t you think it’d be a good idea to fully research these things before you post them?

    Absolutely wild that someone who rallies against the “uber liberal” media for covering up, downplaying, and censoring would in turn churn out this absolute nonsense and think they’re doing good in the world.

    It was literally one of the first results when I search for Shakira and Lourdes. I shouldn’t have to do YOUR “job” for you. Shame on you, Stephen.

      • It is clear from your posts and youtube videos that you’re scared, and I get that. I’d be scared too if every “news source” in my echo chamber kept telling me that America is falling, they stole our election, conservatives will be hunted, we’re in the end times, politicians and celebrities are satanic, Hilary drinks baby blood, blah blah blah, etc. etc.

        I’ll pray for you that you can get out of this okay. Nothing in your life will change if someone prefers “he” to “she”, nothing will change in your life if a kid has two moms instead of two dads. All of this is a distraction, and it is apparently working.

        Your passion is apparent, and I do bigly (got that from the Former Guy) admire that.

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