How to know if the Warning is about to Occur? The Previous Signs that will be in the world

Source: Forum of Mary

The signs prior to Heaven’s intervention to purify the Earth.

God gives us redundant signs prior to the great events that will come to the world.

But the disbelief that has invaded the Christian people has taken away their willingness and sensitivity to be open to signs and discern them.

And to be attentive to the messages that today’s true seers receive, which fulfill in some way the role that the prophets played in the Old Testament.

And the Warning or Illumination of Consciousness is the centerpiece of this process, so that people return to God.

Here we will talk about the signs that God has already told us that he will send us to prepare us for the arrival of the Warning, so that we have a guide to adapt our lives.

And how this about previous signs is not something esoteric, because it has already happened in other historical periods.

The first century Jewish-Roman historian Flavius ​​Josephus recounts the signs prior to the great tragedy of the year 70 , in which the Romans carried out unprecedented carnage among the Jews, deported them and enslaved them.

And they destroyed their most precious asset, the second temple, which has never been rebuilt to this day.  

In the year 66, at the beginning of the first Jewish-Roman war, Flavius ​​Josephus says that a series of supernatural signs were seen in the area of ​​​​the Jews.

A star in the shape of a sword or cross remained over Jerusalem for a year, along with Halley’s Comet, which passed in January 66 AD. 

And many remembered what Jesus said in Matthew 24. 

At the time of the Feast of Unleavened Bread at the end of March, on the 8th of Nisan, at approximately three in the morning, a bright light emerged from the temple altar. 

It seemed like it was broad daylight and lasted half an hour.

The east gate in the inner courtyard of the temple, so massive that it required twenty men to close it at night, was observed to open of its own accord at midnight. 

The guards ran to inform their commander and together they managed to close it again with difficulty.

Not many days after the Torch Festival of the 21st of Iyar, military chariots flying in the sky and armed battalions falling from the clouds were seen by many unbelieving witnesses throughout Judea, shortly before sunset.

And during the feast of Pentecost, the 24 priests who entered the temple courtyard during the night reported hearing a loud noise and then a chorus, like an army saying, “we are leaving here.”

We do not know how the Jews interpreted these signs.

But today we have good information about the signs of the purification of the world, which is happening at this moment and in stages.

And at the same time we have the conceptual framework to interpret the signals appropriately.

We just have to be attentive to them.

Compiling the information given by true mystics and seers, we can conclude that the purification will begin in the midst of creation’s protest over our increasing level of immorality and alienation from God.

This precursor framework assumes signs in nature such as droughts, floods, and destructive fires, coinciding with society’s fall from grace.

And what is more important, a very strong rebellion against the natural order and the increasingly visible promotion of Satanism.

It is within this framework that God will make a decisive intervention on Earth.

It will give a Warning to every person in the world.

Each one will see what his soul is like in the light of God’s truth.

You will know that He exists, and that He has been present in each of your faults.

After which you will have a few weeks to decide whether to follow Him or rebel against Him.

And we will have a series of warnings prior to that Warning, or if you want pre-warning signs, to be prepared.

So the Warning will come at the moment when these signs have been fulfilled.

Some have already happened and some have not.

One is the disappearance of Benedict XVI, the katejon, who inaugurated the End of Times, according to the coincident prophecies of the Popes of Garabandal and Saint Malachy.

And there is a discussion whether this happened in 2013 with the resignation of Benedict XVI, or with his death on December 31, 2022.

Another sign is that Our Lady told the girls of Garabandal that the warning will come when the world is dominated by communism.

And it will be the most dramatic indicator that Russia suddenly and unexpectedly invades a large part of the world. 

Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022 and the conflict is still active.

And then came Israel’s War against Hamas, with Russia and China sympathizing with Hamas.

Another warning is the impossibility of taking the Eucharist by the faithful. 

According to Garabandal, the Notice would occur after the churches were closed.

Something like that happened during the recent pandemic, but then they opened.

Perhaps there will be a new period of closure, or perhaps this will be enough.

Also another sign will be that the Church will go through a great crisis.

This is already happening due to the crises of abuse, financial scandals, the reduction of faithful who attend mass, doctrinal confusion, apostasy.

And the Warning will happen when the true faithful and priests are persecuted.

It will happen precisely when the Church is in the middle of a great Synod.

Currently, the Church is immersed in the Synod of Synodality, which began in 2021 and will last until 2024.

But it does not mean that later there will not also be an important Synod.

Another sign is that the Pope goes to Moscow. 

And upon returning to the Vatican, hostilities will break out in many parts of Europe.

There will also be a global economic collapse, a fall in stock markets, currencies will lose value without prior warning, generating revolts and hunger. 

There will be increasingly widespread fires in the forests, intense activity in the sun, with very powerful solar explosions.

And the Pope will have to flee Rome.

The Lord showed Maria Julia Jahenny that some time before the immediate signs before the Warning are seen on Earth, everyone will already feel in their hearts the effect of God’s Justice and their hearts will say “the time is not far away.” .

The influence of sins will begin to be felt internally and some will see visions of evil spirits as well as Angels and Saints.

And increasing abnormal behavior of animals. The birds of the sky will disappear, as well as the small animals, and they will sense the arrival of the cosmic event.

While the Warning itself will be preceded as by the collision of two stars, with lots of light and a thunderous sound.

Our Lady explicitly said that this Warning will be linked to a phenomenon, whose name appears in the dictionary and begins with the letter “A”.

Many speculated that this letter “A” could mean Asteroid, or Wormwood, which is mentioned in the Apocalypse as a star falling to Earth.

When the Warning comes, the world will be paralyzed and no engine or machine will work.

It will be like fire, but it will not burn the flesh, although it will be felt physically and internally. 

It will last a very short time, but its effects on the world will be like nothing else that has happened before.