Do not be afraid, little flock

Dear Father Livio, Thank you for the stimulus you gave to all of us listeners to respond to the young married couple who express doubts about the opportunity to have children before the time of the Secrets.

And it encouraged us to give a further response to the wonderful one given by the Madonna to the visionary Mirjana.

I feel like responding to these two young spouses with the words of Jesus:

“Therefore do not ask what you will eat and what you will drink, and do not be anxious in mind: the people of the world worry about all these things; but your Father knows that you need it. Rather seek the kingdom of God, and these things will be given to you as well. Do not be afraid, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you his kingdom” (Gospel according to Luke 12,29-32).

Jesus says to seek the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is the life of Love that He himself is.

Spouses give glory to God with every act of love open to life and, in the case of young spouses at the beginning of their married life, they can form a beautiful family with at least three children. Then, as the years pass, they can decide for responsible fatherhood and motherhood through natural methods, methods promoted by the Church and masterfully illustrated on Radio Maria by the Dedè spouses.

We must keep in mind that Jesus, in the Gospel, speaks to each and every one. Everyone can recognise, in meditating on a specific passage of the Gospel, that that Word is addressed specifically to them.

For example, in the Gospel according to Luke in chapter 23, verses 28-31, we read the words that Jesus, on the road to Calvary, addresses to the women who follow him crying: “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not cry for Me, but cry for yourselves yourself and your children. Behold, the days are coming when they will say: Blessed are the barren and the wombs that have not given birth and the breasts that have not nursed. Then they will begin to say to the mountains: Fall on us! and to the hills: Cover us! Because if they treat green wood like this, what will happen to dry wood?”

Who is dry wood? It’s someone who doesn’t want to love.

Jesus, in the Gospel, speaks to everyone: to those who risk losing their soul, to convert, and to those who recognize themselves as sinners, to take refuge in His merciful Heart.

Let us remain in His love and we will have nothing to fear.

Let us educate our children to love God, from an early age, and we will have nothing to fear.

We recognize that God is God, in total trust!

Here, this is what I feel like saying to young newlyweds and everyone.

Warm greetings, dear Father Livio, with affection and great esteem. Ave Maria!


“Providence truly provides for everything”

Dear father Livio, 

I am the grandmother of a wonderful 1 and a half year old little girl with very blue eyes. I always thank God for having granted it to us almost immediately after my daughter’s wedding to her husband. I myself got married at 24 and left university there: I wanted to be a mother! My husband was 23 but this decision was his too.

We had 4 children who are our happiness and also our greatest pain. The last 2 children suffer from muscular dystrophy but have reached a good age: 28 and 24 years old. The eldest son was taken from us in an accident 8 years ago at 29 years old. No calculations about salaries, money and various things have stopped us from wanting them all. Only the diagnosis on the fourth and then on the third stopped us. In the middle there was another unborn child who I am waiting to see, just as I am waiting to see Andrea again, today his name day.

I find it so liberating to rely on Providence that truly provides for everything with our good will. We have never lacked money, we have seen how the Lord works in our family, we have changed and our faith has grown, we have managed to send our children to free schools by shelling out what we had just to make them smell the scent of Christ: this that we had met! Life is still beautiful and cheerful even if the kids are in wheelchairs and the disease advances. Never regretted the choice to let the Lord decide about our family because facts have shown us that He is here in this house. Don’t worry guys!!!

Luciana from Brianza 

We have three children and we await the Kingdom of the Divine Will with joy

Well done Father Livio,

I really liked your answer which I agree with 100%!

That’s it!

We too have 3 children and we await with JOY the advent of the Kingdom of the Divine Will (the period of Peace promised by Revelation 20, which the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the prophets of the Old Testament also speak of… Ezekiel, Daniel… and the one to which the Madonna refers…).

In fact, Jesus does not say: when you see these things happen, stop living and be afraid, but RISE UP! because everything is about to change and finally every evil will be banished from the face of the earth; the earth will unite with Heaven and his Will will be done in the way we have been asking for two millennia in the Our Father.

I will tell you more: my children, praying with the same Will of God, under the mantle of Mary through Her Same Immaculate Heart, also make all the Saints, the Angels (in whom This Same Will flows) pray and they also do it at place of all humanity who is currently unaware (substituting for her), so that this moment can be anticipated and hastened and the purification can be shortened for everyone and as many souls as possible can be saved in the time of secrets… because this is the power given to the little ones (small, in every sense) because this is the divine power of this type of Prayer, it is the same Will of God that prays in everyone!

This is what Mary Most Holy did on earth, the only one who already lived within this Kingdom.. and knew this way of praying.. This is how she was able to hasten the descent of the Word by years.. and then anticipated also the Resurrection… she is the smallest! Welcome to other little ones, then!