There is a Hidden Plan in the Global Crisis! God is Transforming the World and the Church. This is How


How God is working beneath the crisis of the World and the Church.

In today’s world, we are living in a time of great crisis. The war in Ukraine and Israel, the pandemic, poverty and the dictatorial power of the powerful are wreaking havoc.

And the Church is also going through a great crisis and leading the world to an unprecedented spiritual crisis. 

Abuse scandals, internal divisions, apostasy have deteriorated its mission.

But is it possible that these negative events are being used by God to purify the Church and also the world?

The statement “Fiducitia Supplicans,” which blesses sin, is an example of how negative things are coming to light. 

This declaration has sparked significant resistance, which shows that the Church is awakening from its slumber.

The purification of the Church is a painful process that God is carrying out to prepare the world for a new era of glory.

Here, we will see how the crisis that is happening in the world and in the Church is executing a purification of itself.

On a planetary level, it is now clearly visible to all that the highest and most vital values ​​are desecrated and cancelled.

And few have any doubt that this crisis appears to be heading towards a global catastrophe.

The decline of certainties and securities are just the latest consequences of a global crisis, which has very clear spiritual roots.

The idolatry of man and nature; the spread of heretical sects, satanic rites, false prophets.

The apostasy of once Christian nations.

The loss of faith of the people and many priests.

The dissolution of the family and the degradation of youth.

The increasing anti-Christian persecutions.

Increase in social conflicts such as wars, terrorism, genocides.

And of disorders in nature such as earthquakes, epidemics, famines.

And above all the devastating crisis within the Church.

These are all worrying signs that have been reported for decades, but few are willing to listen. 

What is the reason for this degradation? Is there a common denominator? Which is it?

The denial of God and the rejection of Christ.

The apostasy in the Church, and the destruction of Christianity that Western rulers have indulged in, is leading to the ruin of civilization.

These trends would not obtain good results if they were not skillfully guided by a hidden direction, which is mainly responsible for the crisis.

Behind everything is the clever plan of the serpent that appeared in the Garden of Eden to lead human beings astray. 

Today the fundamental creed that those who work for the serpent are spreading is his message to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden: if they disobey God they will be like Gods.

They are proclaiming the divinity of man. 

They work so that everything that men have attributed to God and Jesus Christ, is attributed to humanity as such. 

They maintain that it is not God who created man, but rather it is man who created God, in response to the need for someone superior to him. 

But they have come to the conclusion that there is no longer anything or anyone on whom they depend. 

They are the owners of the world and its destiny is completely in their hands.

While the humanist religion has become a mass religion, and is the embodiment of the antichrist spirit.

Behind this madness it is not difficult to hear the hiss of the ancient serpent that deceived our ancestors.

And above all, it has penetrated the Church.

Is what we are affirming about the Church a solely human analysis?

No, it is a message from Heaven that many priests and bishops refuse to listen to.

For a couple of centuries God has been giving information, to prepare the Church to face this “terrible test” and resist the aggression of the enemy.

For example, in 1947 the Virgin of Revelation appeared to Bruno Cornacchiola in Tre Fontane, Rome.

These apparitions are hardly formally approved by the Church due to their content, but they could not help but recognize them.

And they received the blessing of Pius XII, who also blessed the statue carried to the grotto in a procession of more than 500 thousand people.

The Virgin showed him a mysterious vision of a broken cross and a folded priest’s cassock.

And he said,

“The Spirit of God withdraws from the Earth, the Church will remain a widow, here is the funeral cassock, it will remain at the mercy of the world. 

The Church of Christ will be cleansed from the filth that is in it.”

“Priests and faithful will be placed at a dangerous turning point and an assault will be launched on them by false ideologies and theologies.”

The Virgin continued telling Bruno,

“The shepherds of the flock do not fulfill their duty. 

“Too much of the world has entered their souls to lead the flock astray.” 

And he added, “the entire Church will go through a tremendous test, to cleanse what has infiltrated among its ministers.”

And in reality the crisis of the Church would become terrible in the following decades, showing that the purification had begun.

But the most amazing thing was what he said to him, 

“Satan will enter the leadership positions of the Church. The temptations will be terrible, the world will live in such confusion that the very chosen ones will be left in doubt.

There is no escape, everyone will live through terrible moments of war, destruction and political, religious and cultural chaos.” ?

It is the same concept that several of the recent Pontiffs expressed when they spoke of “a non-Catholic mentality within Catholicism.”

Like Paul VI, who foresaw that over the years it would become a “majority party.”

Today many faithful and ordained believe that the Church has finally evolved, has assumed the modern mentality once and for all, and its dogmas should be modified.

And it even seems that he is becoming the universal “apostle” of the principles of the globalism revolution.

Another example is the fiery preachings of the venerable Fulton Sheen in the 1950s.

He said that Satan was creating a counter-Church, thus seeking to deceive and lose God’s very elect.

It will be emptied of its divine content and will be the mystical body of the antichrist, but on the outside it will resemble the mystical body of Christ, he said.

Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerick also had visions from 1820 to 1823 about the crisis of the Church in recent times. 

He saw what he called the church of darkness, a false church.

He saw that heretics of all kinds arrived and the clergy became lukewarm.

There were no angels to supervise the operations.

All kinds of abominations were perpetrated and the priests allowed everything, they celebrated mass with great irreverence. 

And in 1923 he had a vision that in that Church that they were building, everyone should be admitted and have the same rights: evangelicals, Catholics and sects of all denominations. 

However, the dozens of prominent Catholics who have had these visions have also seen the restoration of the Church in the future.

After this chaos of misery and upon this ruin of values, the banner of Christ the King will be raised which will suddenly put an end to this miserable state of things.

True worship of God and adoration will be restored through the powerful mediatorial work of His Blessed Mother, who will triumph over the forces of evil and finally spread the kingdom of peace on Earth.

This is the good time to which we are heading, meanwhile we are in the stage of purification of the world and the Church, purifying itself through what comes to light.