“The Bible warns the destiny of the World is inseparable from Israel and Jerusalem. The Bible says God would one day re-gather the children of Israel back into their land from among many nations around the world.

The Bible says they would be re-gathered in unbelief … God warns He is not re-gathering the children of Israel into their Land because they deserve it, but because His Name and His Word are at stake (see Ezekiel 36:17-23) … and because He loves them.

They are His chosen people. The Bible warns God would then make Jerusalem a world trouble spot. The Bible says all nations of the world will turn against Israel. The Bible warns during this time ‘Gaza will be forsaken’ … and offers a stark warning.

The Bible warns a coming world leader (the ‘Antichrist’) will rise out of 10 nations which once formed the Roman Empire and will enforce a peace plan or treaty (‘covenant’) upon Israel (‘upon the many’ – for many in Israel will be against it) … and then, after a 3½ year false peace, God warns He will send the children of Israel (and all the nations of the world) through a fiery trial unlike anything in the history of the world, to separate those who will turn back to God and His Word from those who have hardened their hearts against God and His Word (the ‘Apocalypse’).

Israel at war with Hamas after unprecedented attacks

  • Israel is pounding Gaza with deadly airstrikes, displacing more than 100,000 people and sending waves of injured Palestinians to overwhelmed hospitals, as the military threatened a “complete siege” of the densely populated enclave.
  • Israel’s UN ambassador told CNN the country’s priority is “to obliterate Hamas terrorist capabilities” after the militant group threatened to kill civilian hostages and broadcast the executions if airstrikes target Gaza without warning.
  • The number of hostages held in Gaza is estimated at between 100 and 150, Ambassador Gilad Erdan said. Hamas has claimed it is holding more than 100 captives, including Israeli army officers.
  • More than 900 people have died in Israel, according to the Israel Defense Forces, and more than 765 people have died in Gaza, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, since the conflict erupted on Saturday.

Signs of Prophetic Times: “The Bible warns the destiny of the World is inseparable from Israel and Jerusalem.”.. Netanyahu Issues Stark Warning

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to bring the full force of the Israeli military against the Gaza Strip’s Hamas terror group Saturday night, warning Israelis of tough days ahead as the nation retaliates for a shocking surprise attack that has left hundreds dead and turned sleepy border towns into a war zone.

“The Israel Defense Forces will act immediately to destroy Hamas’s capabilities,” Netanyahu said in a televised address, as terrorists were still holed up with hostages in at least three locations inside Israel. “We will cripple them mercilessly and avenge this black day they have brought upon Israel and its citizens.”

“Residents of Gaza, get out now. We will be everywhere and with all our might,” he added, as thousands of reserves troops made their way to military bases for a widely expected counteroffensive.