The Visionaries of Medjugorje Describe the Radiant Beauty of the Virgin Mary

Excerpt From “Beauty Will Save the World” by Stephen Ryan

First a brief summary of the events at Medjugorje:

In 1981, a small town in Bosnia and Herzegovina named Medjugorje entered the global spotlight when six teenagers reported seeing apparitions of the Virgin Mary

The Apparitions:

  • On June 24, 1981, six children claimed to see a radiant woman who identified herself as the “The Queen of Peace”. These initial apparitions were daily, characterized by dazzling light and messages of peace, prayer, and conversion.
  • The visions have continued for years, initially daily. Now daily for three visionaries and once a year for the other three seers.
  • The first seven days hold specific significance, as the Vatican deems them best described as “supernatural in nature.”
  • In a significant shift in 2019, the Vatican permitted official pilgrimages for pastoral reasons, recognizing the spiritual needs of pilgrims but without endorsing the apparitions.

The Vatican’s Evolving Stance:

The Vatican has adopted a cautious, investigative approach. It established commissions to study the apparitions but refrained from official recognition.

Current Status:

Despite the lack of official recognition, the impact of Medjugorje on individual faith and communities is undeniable. Ongoing investigations continue, with the Vatican emphasizing the need for discernment and spiritual prudence.

Visionary Mirjana sees the Virgin Mary

Visionary, Mirjana, speaking to pilgrims in Medjugorje had this to say about what she saw: “I can see Her the same as I can see you now. In front of me, I see a woman in a long gray dress, who is always about two feet above the ground. It is hard for me to say how tall She is because I am kneeling. I see that She is a little taller than me. She has dark hair and it is long because you can see Her heir below Her veil, on Her forehead and behind, that means it is long. She has blue eyes, and She is more than beautiful. It is impossible to describe the beauty that is shining out of Her face.

As children at that time, we asked Our Lady a childish question. We asked, “How it it that you are so beautiful?” She smiled at us and said, “I am beautiful because I love.”

Then she said that if you desire to be that beautiful then simply love. At that time, Jakov (the youngest visionary) was 10 years old. So when Our Lady left, he said, “I think that Our Lady was not saying the truth.” We said, “How do you dare to say that our Heavenly Mother is not saying the truth?” Jacov said, “Look at us visionaries, some of us can love until the end of our lives but will never be as beautiful as She is.”

Visionary Ivanka had this to say about the Queen of Peace at Medjugorje: “I can tell you that my eyes have never seen anything more beautiful than Her. Our Lady looks like a young person, I would say maybe 19 or 21 years of age. She always has a gray dress, a white veil, and a crown of stars. She has the most beautiful, the most gentle blue eyes, black hair, and She always floats on a cloud. I can tell you that the human dictionary is too poor to describe the peace, the love, the security we felt in our hearts when we came to Her. At that very moment, I knew that She was the Blessed Mother of God.”

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