Photo Mystery: Priest Testifies that Visionary Vicka Appeared to him in Bi-Location Apparition

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From 10 to 15 October 2001, despite Father Sergio feeling very weak, he accompanied the first pilgrimage organized  by the  Marian Community for the Youth Mission to Medjugorje 
For Fr Sergio it was a very tiring pilgrimage, marked by interior “whys” and by a continuous offering to Mary for all her intentions for the Marian community.
On Friday 12, having to choose between visiting visionary Vicka or  Fr. Jozo, we went to see Fr. Jozo.
On Saturday the visionaries do not receive pilgrims to devote themselves to prayer, so Fr. Serigio and the pilgrims  were left with a certain regret for not being able to meet any of the six visionaries.
Saturday, October 13, morning, they were making the climb of  Mount Krizevac.
Father Segio then told the following story about his experiance with Vicka:
“At the 12th station, with my eyes closed, I was saying to those present: “We thank Jesus that he died for us; We thank him for having given us his mother ”, when at my side I hear“ Hello Father”.
I open my eyes and see the visionary Vicka who greets me by hugging and kissing me.
I say with wonder: “Vicka!” and she replies “Vicka also prays, not only speaks”.
At which I say to her: “Vicka can you tell us something?” and she said: “Our Lady asks us to pray in a particular way for young people and families, who are going through such a delicate and difficult moment; all free time is devoted to material things and the devil takes advantage of it.
Our Lady also asks to pray for her intentions, for the realization of her project”.  At which we told her: “We come from Cross Mountain  and we are starting a community for young families”.
She replied: “Tonight, at the apparition of Our Lady, I will present you to her with all your intentions and with all your families”.
After these words she greeted us quickly and then disappeared among the vegetation. We stood there looking at each other amazed by that sudden apparition, with eyes full of tears and hearts swollen with emotion.”
Father Sergio then began to cry and cried all the way to the top of Mount Krizevac. That “apparition” of Vicka for him was Mary’s answer to the “whys” he had inside and a confirmation that Mary accompanied us on his journey even in the midst of the difficulties he was experiencing at that moment.
The pilgrims have never forgotten that moment and even afterwards it has always been a source of so much strength and courage for them.
“This is why we want to attach here the photo of that moment that is truly special for us.”

3 thoughts on “Photo Mystery: Priest Testifies that Visionary Vicka Appeared to him in Bi-Location Apparition

  • The real test for Fr. Michel will come quite soon. I am still puzzled why this men becomes a “worldwide phenomena”. I am not even pretending about negative opinion about this men.
    He was reviewed by his peers, by two bishops who issue a very distancing opinion.
    He was caught red handed misrepresenting himself, his credentials. Is this is a model of Catholic visionary?
    As I said it will be within maximum 2 months that we will finally be able to determine once and for all, what really the truth is.
    Until then, it is all on borrowed time for this impostor.
    God bless. Peter Zawadowski.
    23rd of October, 2021.

  • i actually dont disagree

  • As for Vicka, bilocation account did not surprise me
    Few years ago she had similar event at the Hospital of St.Pio in Italy.
    A woman was visited by Vicka just prior a surgery. In last minutes doctors team found that she was OK.
    They both met in Medjugorje later on. There are numerous accounts, not that precisely documented from private faithful in many countries who encountered Vicka in place and time not arranged before.
    There one VERY important aspect of Vicka’s view’s on certain things. Namely, she ardently defends Pope Francis against delusional attacks from dumb Catholics. She befriended Vassula Ryden who called those Waco individuals a ” gangrene on Body of Christ”. That should explain all.
    For us Vicka is a model of Suffering woman who gave everything to Our Lady’s plan for the church.
    God bless. Peter Zawadowski.
    23rd of October, 2021.

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