Alleged CIA report: Russian soldiers turned to stone during UFO interception

The report is from the 1980s and was recently rehashed by podcaster Joe Rogan.

Extraordinary claims have resurfaced regarding an incident in which over 20 Russian soldiers were reportedly “turned to stone” by an extraterrestrial weapon. 

Joe Rogan shares the story

Popular podcast host Joe Rogan recently shared details from a 250-page report, allegedly written by the CIA, shedding light on the incident. The original reports, collected by KGB agents in the late 1980s, were later covered by Ukrainian media and documented in a classified intelligence file in 1993.

According to Rogan, the report suggests that a saucer-shaped spacecraft flew low above a Russian army unit during routine training exercises. Then, a member of the unit fired a surface-to-air missile, hitting the UFO, and it crashed nearby. Five humanoid creatures, short in stature with large heads and black eyes, emerged from the wreckage, he said.

According to Rogan, who read the report, the surviving soldiers testified that the aliens merged into a single object after exiting the spaceship. This object then transformed into a spherical shape, emitting a rapid humming sound.

How did the report surface?

These astonishing claims were made by two soldiers who managed to survive the incident due to partial protection from the ensuing explosion, according to the report.

Rogan added that the KGB report stated that both the remains of the UFO and the petrified soldiers were transported to a top-secret research facility near Moscow, leaving their fate unclear.

The document further revealed, he said, that several unidentified objects, colored red, green, and yellow, were sighted flying over various bases in Antarctica.

In 1991, the last Soviet Union President, Mikhail Gorbachev, ordered the destruction of these documents, but they somehow ended up in the hands of the CIA. Recordings from the documents capture Gorbachev affirming that the report unequivocally proves the existence of extraterrestrial beings, and they should be taken very seriously.

As per the report’s claims, experts speculate that the energy emitted by the aliens could have caused a transformation in the soldiers’ organic structure, rendering their molecules indistinguishable from stone.

Despite the sensational nature of these events, skeptics remain unconvinced about the authenticity of the claims.

Nevertheless, the alleged CIA report offers a captivating glimpse into a remarkable encounter involving Russian soldiers and a UFO, adding fuel to the ongoing debate surrounding the existence of extraterrestrial life.