THE MIRACLE OF APPEARANCES, WHAT A SHOCK, LOOK! Our Lady appeared next to the seer from Medjugorje!

Thanks to this video, believers all over the world could see Our Lady of Medjugorje

The Italian site LaLuca De Maria reported on a video that a few years ago allowed believers from all over the world to see Our Lady of Medjugorje.

It happened in the hamlet of Assiza during a prayer meeting and next to the visionary Maria from Medjugorje.

The video was recorded by Fiorella, a tourist who was at prayer that day. She was filming on an ordinary mobile phone and could not see herself with her eyes.

However, later, when reviewing the footage, the Lady, or the light standing next to the visionary Mary, is clearly visible. The video shocked everyone present so much that the Italian journalist Massimo Gilleti also decided to show it on the show Domenica In, Rai television, a popular Italian show.

The video was examined in detail by a video expert for the purposes of the attachment, and it was concluded that there really was no intervention in the video.

That was the condition for the video to be released live to the world. Thus, the whole of Italy, but also the whole world, could see the Queen of Peace from Medjugorje with their own eyes due to the virality of the video.

Look, from 1 minute and 30 seconds of the report, photos appear that stunned everyone.