Brown Scapular Promise – Fr. Mark Goring, CC “You will not suffer from the eternal fire”

Comment from You Tube Subsciber:
My father (he’s 80 now) told me as children they were enrolled in the 5-scapulars (red, green, brown, not sure the other colors). I was enrolled by a saintly diocesan priest (those are rare now) back my first year in University. Let’s just say that until about 10 yrs ago I was not in a good state of Grace. However today I am trying fervently to live the Catholic Sacramental life including the wearing of the brown scapular again. I attribute this wholly (in no part on my own) to that priest enrolling me in the scapular as a teen; and Our Blessed Mother holding true to that promise. I am trying now to convince my children to do the same and anyone I can encourage. It is a real shame that except for that priest in our diocese (that was in 1985); I have not heard or seen the devotion preached on, encouraged, nor mentioned since then.