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Dear Father Livio,
Reading the initial part of your new book “Medjugorje is the hope of the world”, I examined some expressions that I believe have a certain relevance. She states that “in the time of secrets the army of darkness will fire its cannons. The mass media that Satan governs… will say exactly the opposite of what Our Lady says.”
This thing makes a bit of an impression on me, although I have no doubt that the Queen of Peace has already prepared an adequate counterattack with her apostles. The worrying fact is that I notice a certain confusion, already now, among some devotees of Medjugorje, even among those who organize pilgrimages almost monthly.

I’ll give you an example: There are quite a few Gospa faithful who support (even if not openly) Putin’s policy, even considering it right and, on the other hand, contest the Italian government which defends the Ukrainian people, as it should be, according to the rules of international law.

This demonstrates the ability of the ancient serpent “in shuffling the cards”, to divert even the faithful devotees of the Madonna. It must be kept in mind that in the secret of Fatima Our Lady mentions Russia as a persecutory nation. She makes no mention of other nations. How can some devout pilgrims minimize the problem?
Now I ask you, dear Father Livio, in the time of secrets, when mass media communication will deploy all the means to silence Medjugorje, how should those who were trained at the school of the Queen of Peace behave? Will they be scrutinized like the apostles? Will they have a particular grace not to betray and deny as happened on the night of Gethsemane?
An affectionate hug to you, dear Father Livio. Thank you for your unwavering faith.
Ave Maria!
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Dear Donato,

Our Lady’s plan has Medjugorje as its fulcrum, the place where Our Lady, after the purification of the first two secrets, will leave her mark.

That the first two secrets are a call from Mediugorje to conversion, not only in words but with severe events, was said by Mirjana at the time (October 1985) in a memorable interview with Father Petar, designated by her as the one who will have to reveal the secrets to the world. This interview was published on this blog, but the silence was general.

On the other hand, the message of September 30th of this year, clearly addressed to Medjugorje, was more intended as a generic warning addressed to everyone.

Those who know the history of Medjugorje know that it is not the first time that Our Lady has severely recalled the Parish, especially with the exhortation to conversion, prayer and fasting.

In an impressive message given to Mirjana in 1987, Our Lady pronounced the exact words: “Wherever I go, and my Son is also with me, Satan also reaches me there. You allowed, without realizing it, him to take over you, to dominate you.”

All those who have received special graces in Medjugorje know that there is no place in the world more desirable than this. But they also know that this place of peace and prayer is also the one in which Satan incessantly lays his most sophisticated snares.

Hence the need for continuous vigilance, and the need for sincere washing in humility, which Our Lady provides whenever there is a need.

It would be presumptuous and illusory to think that we are safe from the seductions and deceptions of Satan, against which Our Lady has also recently warned us.

As regards the future, particularly after the third secret, I believe that Medjugorje will polarize the attention of the world, in particular of the Catholic Church, which will thus be the point of reference for countless souls seeking salvation.

Message to Mirjana of Medjugorje of January 28, 1987

“My dear children, I have come to you to lead you to purity of soul, and therefore towards God. But how did you welcome me? At first without believing, with fear and distrust towards the boys I chose. Then a majority welcomed me into her heart and began to put my maternal requests into practice. But unfortunately this did not last long. Wherever I go, and my Son is with me, Satan also reaches me there. You allowed, without realizing it, him to take over you, to dominate you.

Sometimes you understand that some of your actions are not permitted by God, but you quickly suffocate this feeling. Do not give in, my children. Wipe from my face the tears I shed, observing what you do. Look around. Make time to approach God in church. Come to your Father’s house. Find time to gather as a family and plead for grace from God.

Remember your dead, give them joy with the celebration of Mass. Do not look with contempt on the poor man who begs you for a crust of bread. Don’t chase him away from your full table. Help him, and God will help you too. Perhaps the blessing that the poor person gives you as thanks comes true, perhaps God listens to him.

You, my children, have forgotten all this. And Satan also contributed to this. Don’t give up. Pray with me. Do not deceive yourself by thinking: “I am good, but the brother who is next to me is worth nothing”; you wouldn’t be right. I, as your Mother, love you and therefore admonish you.

There are secrets here, my children. We don’t know what it is; but when we find out, it will be late . Return to prayer. Nothing is more important than it. I would like the Lord to allow me to clarify the secrets to you at least in part; but the graces he offers you are already too many. Think about how much you offer to Him. When did you last give up something for the Lord?

I don’t want to scold you any further. Instead, I would like to invite you once again to prayer, fasting and penance. If by fasting you desire to obtain grace from God, let no one know that you are fasting. If by giving a gift to a poor person you wish to obtain grace from God, let no one know except you and the Lord. Listen to me, my children, and reflect in prayer on these messages of mine.”