February 25, 2021 is the day of the Medjugorje message. Why does the Madonna appear? THE TRUTH YOU NEED TO KNOW BUT THEY DON”T WANT YOU TO SEE THIS


With these words spoken in Medjugorje on June 16, 1983, Our Lady explained the reason for her presence in that place. Words that many Catholics have forgotten. If an honest person recognizes the moral disaster and the perversion of humanity, he also recognizes that in Medjugorje it can only be Our Lady who calls all sinners and wants to bring them back to Jesus.

Medjugorje, waiting for the message of February 25, 2021

It cannot be Satan, because he has no desire to help us convert and even less to save our souls. It cannot be the initiative of the 6 visionaries, because when the apparitions began in 1981 they were so innocent and simple that they could not even imagine an event of such great proportions.

It can only be a Mother who speaks to her children in Medjugorje, because she sees them in serious physical and spiritual danger. However, we must be honest to admit the presence of Our Lady in Medjugorje. It is necessary to recognize mainly one’s own spiritual state, perhaps in agony due to the repeated sins committed and the forgetfulness of prayer, to do penance, to make amends, to confess, to flee from occasions of sin. Whoever does not recognize his condition of sin cannot recognize any Work of God.

Whoever manages to see the moral disaster in the world, with the eyes of faith also sees that God is intervening in Medjugorje, sending the Blessed Virgin to teach the catechism of Jesus to humanity, to convert, Christianize, evangelize a world that has become pagan.


Marija, one of the visionaries of Medjugorje

If you are not faithful to the Gospel, behold, Our Lady has come to Medjugorje to remind you of the Gospel, to bring you back to her Son Jesus.

But it leaves you free to believe or not, the important thing is that she spoke to you too, she turned to your heart and invites you to return to Jesus, despite your sins. She tells you to love Jesus as you are and to begin a new journey of faith with her.

She is the Teacher of perfection, the Formator of the Saints, the Mother of the Church and of humanity, and it is her duty to intervene in the world and, above all, in the Catholic Church. He wants to re-evangelize the world.

The initiative starts from the SS. Trinity, is performed by She who is the Daughter, Mother and Bride of the three Divine Persons. Only those who are pure in heart can understand Medjugorje, can recognize the presence of Our Lady there, certainly justify this very prolonged presence and the continuous messages given. Among all the beautiful messages that we know, let’s consult some of them to understand if in Medjugorje we find humility, obedience, Divine Maternity, the mediation of Our Lady and the invitation to prayer, the concern to warn us about the dangers running there. humanity and those who create satan. “The Graces you can have as many as you want: it depends on you. You can receive Divine Love when and how much you want: it depends on you ”(March 25, 1985).

“I do not have the Divine Graces directly, but I obtain from God everything I ask for with my prayer. God has full trust in Me. And I intercede for Graces and protect in a particular way those who are consecrated to Me ”(August 31, 1982).

“I am with you and I intercede with God for each of you” (December 25, 1990).

“Beware of every thought. A bad thought of yours is enough for Satan to distance you from God ”(August 18, 1983). There are truly many messages full of teachings, of targeted, clear and very spiritual advice, which we find in Medjugorje. But humanity does not understand.

Humanity is blinded, and Our Lady intervenes to enlighten and recall, to stop these very serious immoral behaviors, before something chilling strikes humanity.

The reason is the rebellion against God, it is the corrupt and depraved life that most of humanity leads. We have returned to the times of Sodom and Gomorrah, when God threatened these cities of destruction for the immoral life that was led there: “The men of Sodom were perverse and sinned much against the Lord” (Gn 13:13). “The Lord said: The cry against Sodom and Gomorrah is too great and their sin is very grave” (Gen 18:20).

However, following Abraham’s pleas, God was ready to forgive these cities, only if he found fifty righteous. But he didn’t even find one. “If I find fifty righteous people in the city in Sodom, I will forgive the whole city out of respect for them” (Gen 18:26).

“The Lord made it rain from heaven on Sodom and on Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord” (Gn 19:24). “Abraham looked down on Sodom and Gomorrah and the whole expanse of the valley and saw that a smoke rose from the earth like the smoke of a furnace” (Gn 19:28).

God is forgiveness, mercy, goodness, he awaits the conversion of sinners until the last moment, but if it does not happen, everyone must assume their responsibilities.

Let alone if humanity today is capable of listening to God’s call to conversion! Therefore, the Prophetess by eminence comes into the world, because God as a good Father thinks that if we do not listen to Him, we will at least listen to the most good Mother. Was this attempt by God useless?

From the fruits that came from Medjugorje, God obtained a great deal, certainly not what his merciful paternal goodness could expect.

If humanity does not respond to God’s invitation to convert, as He said to the Prophet Isaiah, he will be able to say again: “But you did not want to” (Is 30:15). As if to say, I did everything I could, but you didn’t listen to me. The consequences will be caused by our indifference to the continuous messages of Medjugorje.

The reason why many do not believe in Medjugorje is due to the deception and enticement that Satan managed to perform, inspiring unbridled sex, free drugs, adultery as a social conquest, immorality as an identity card, perversion as the only false joy. .

Through television and the mass media, Satan has stunned humanity, and especially many young people and modern couples have fallen into the trap of perversion.

Today among men there is no longer respect, sincere friendship, honesty, nor truth. Today’s man has become insensitive, bad, cruel, false. He is no longer moved. He is no longer able to experience natural joys full of genuineness and purity.

Many people are losing the identity of human beings to resemble animals more and more, everyone looks at each other for fear of suffering damage or even losing their life, and this even among family members.

Like animals because you live almost totally on instincts, wanting to satisfy every form of depravity you think. Like animals because we are losing the sense of honor, we no longer pay attention to dignity which is the most beautiful thing in the person. It is the sweet perfume that adorns the person.

Divorces in continuous growth, adulterers spread everywhere, sexual morality disappeared, exchange of spouses, orgies, pornography, pedophilia, thieves, extortion, corruption in every sector of social life, scandals, persecutions, cruelty, hatred, revenge, occult magic, idolatry of the money, the cult of power, the worship of illicit pleasures, Satanism and the worship of Satan, all this and beyond, is now experienced naturally by most of humanity. Do we realize this? And what will there be in the world in ten years? Could such a world still exist?

medjugorje (143)
Medjugorje, the Queen of Peace

This is why Our Lady appeared in Medjugorje.

Our Lady has come to tell us what her Son’s will is. Thus, in the parish of Medjugorje she began to speak in 1981, awakening the paralyzed faith in millions of Christians, especially priests; initiating and founding a very strong spiritual movement in the world; arousing in numerous parishes an energetic and effective spiritual rebirth; indicating that only in Jesus Christ is there salvation and that we must return to him, seek him and decide to follow him with total uniformity.

This reflection should silence and lower the crest of those wise men who denigrate Medjugorje, without realizing that Our Lady appeared there precisely for them who no longer have faith.

In fact, those who question an apparition like this in Medjugorje show that they have serious spiritual limitations. Whoever does not pray and is not converted in earnest cannot understand an entirely Divine spiritual phenomenon, as this of Medjugorje inevitably is. This is why simple people easily believe in the true apparitions of the Madonna.

Our Lady’s interventions in recent decades in Medjugorje have reformed millions of converts, and this is reason for us to thank the Holy Trinity.

“The natural man does not understand the things of the Spirit of God; they are folly for him, and he is unable to understand them, because he can only judge them by the Spirit “(1 Cor 2:14), this is affirmed by St. Paul, who also says, in this regard:” Those in fact who live according to the flesh, think of the things of the flesh; those who live according to the Spirit, to the things of the Spirit “(Rom 8,5).

For these wise men of the world, especially for these, Our Lady appeared, saying that she loves them too, she wants to bring them all to Jesus, because alone they will never succeed.

“My Heart burns with love for you. The only word I wish to say to the world is this: conversion, conversion! Let all my children know. I only ask for conversion. No pain, no suffering is too much for me to save you. I beg you only to convert! I will pray to my Son Jesus not to punish the world, but I beg you: convert! You cannot imagine what will happen, nor what God the Father will send to the world. For this I repeat to you: be converted! Give up everything! Do penance! Here, here is all that I wish to tell you: convert! Take my thanks to all my children who have prayed and fasted. I present everything to my Divine Son to obtain that He mitigates his justice towards sinful humanity ”(April 25, 1983).

Our Lady’s calls to Medjugorje bring us back to the pure and perfect Gospel, as Jesus revealed it. In the messages, Our Lady explains the Gospel to us, takes us by the hand and carries us into the heart of the Catholic Church, making us leave the church that we create ourselves, when we establish moral laws, when we live guided only by the human spirit and we do everything for vanity, for pride and exhibition. It leads us to become humble and good.

We are weak. We are also very good at removing the supernatural, that is, God, from the liturgy, from the Holy Mass, from morality, from the Catholic Church itself. And by removing the supernatural, the human remains, so everything takes place to exalt the man, whether Priest or faithful. There remains a liturgy that exalts and makes protagonists those who no longer listen to the Spirit of God and are imbued with the human mentality.

Very many consecrated people believe more in Godless writers than in the Gospel of Jesus! It seems absurd, but it is. Faced with this moral catastrophe, Our Lady intervened, the Mediatrix of all Graces, the Mother of humanity, to remind us of the Gospel, to speak to us about God and to bring us to God. Without this intervention of Our Lady the world today would be pulverized, certainly less protected, dominated everywhere by the power of satan, even more on the way to self-destruction.

This is the reason for more than twenty-five years of apparitions of Our Lady in Medjugorje, because Satan’s plan to destroy the Catholic Church also involves the destruction of values, morals, of every biblical law, therefore, even of Jesus. In fact, today the world is without the Law of God, it has suppressed the Commandments and whoever commands now is Satan. The law of the world now is hate, sex, money, power, pleasure to be satisfied in all ways.

It appeared so long because men have become deaf to the words of the Gospel of Jesus, because they do not speak of Jesus as he pleases. They speak of him as they like, with their modernist and naturalist theories, manifesting a falsified and unfaithful mentality. It is treason.

This is why Our Lady appears in Medjugorje.

Source: WHY THE MADONNA APPEARS IN MEDJUGORJE By Father Giulio Maria Scozzaro