The 6 Questions the Visionaries had for Our Lady on the Third day, including Marija’s Question “Does life exist on other planets?” Our Lady offers surprise answer

What happened in Medjugorje on June 26, 1981? When the vision began on June 26, 1981, Vicka sprayed holy water on the apparition saying “ If you are Our Lady, stay with us. If you are not, go away . ” Vicka did not spare on the water, but emptied the entire bottle on the apparition. According to the visionaries, the Virgin Mary smiled splendidly . The intended  smile as if to indicate her pleasure for this little test. The heat was intense, and crowds of people made it even worse. Mirjana and Ivanka even fainted and had to be isolated and revived.The apparition was long, lasting about 30 minutes.

By now, on the third day, the news of the apparitions of Medjugorje had spread far beyond the village, and in the afternoon about 3,000 people were gathered on the hill. 

The visionaries asked the Virgin a series of questions, including why she had come to their village.


Question 1. Mirjana asked Our Lady “Who are you?”

Answer: The Virgin replied: “I am the Blessed Virgin Mary”

Question 2 ”Why are you appearing to us? We are no better than everyone else.?

Answer: “I don’t necessarily choose the best, I came because there are many true believers here. I came to convert and reconcile the whole world.”

Question 3. The visionaries asked for a sign for those who did not see the Virgin Mary to prove that it was really the Gospa (which means Madonna in Croatian) that appeared:

Answer: ”Blessed are those who have not seen and believe,”

Question 4. “Will you come back?”

Answer: ”Yes, in the same place as yesterday,” 

Question 5  – It must be remembered that Ivanka’s mother had died a month earlier and Our Lady , during that apparition, told her that she was in paradise with her and that she was very happy. But Ivanka still wanted to know more. Vicka then asked for Ivanka:   “Since her mom had died in the hospital and nobody was with her at the time, Ivanka wondered if she had left a message for her children.

Answer: Our Lady replied: “Obey your grandmother and help her because she is old”