Medjugorje Locutionist – Jelena: “Five times I saw the Devil. I heard an evil voice saying to me: Stop praying!! You can see that he’s not a friend, he wants to steal your soul.”

Who is Jelena Vasilj who reveals the secrets of Medjugorje?

Jelena Vasilj is a woman touched by the apparitions of the Queen of Peace of Medjugorje, but not exactly like the visionaries. In fact, unlike them, Jelena does not see the Madonna externally, but inwardly to herself. She has some locutions, a sort of state of ecstasy in which she hears the divine message within.

Jelena Vasilj
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In her phrases Jelena Vasilj unfortunately also hears the devil trying to dissuade her from prayer, from her faith. 

On July 23, 1984 , for example, while she was reciting the Our Father, she became terrified. Those who were with her tried to call her, but she did not answer. 
After a while, she managed to resume her prayer and said: “During the OurFarher I heard an evil voice saying to me:” Stop praying “. I felt emptied. I could not even remember the words of the anymore and a cry rose from my heart: Mother, help me! Then I could go on “.

Medjugorje – Jelena comforted by Our Lady

Jelena Vasilj explained: “Satan tempts us also as a group; he never sleeps. It is difficult to free oneself from Satan if we do not pray , if we do not do what Jesus asks: to pray morning, noon, to hear Mass with the heart in the evening. (…) Five times I saw him. When I see the devil I’m not afraid, but it’s something that hurts me: you can see that he’s not a friend he wants to steal your soul. 
Once, looking at a statue of the Blessed Mother he said that he did not want us to bless her (the day after was the 5th of August, the birthday of the Virgin); he’s very smart, sometimes he cries “.

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  • Dear Jelena. I am sorry you hurt when you see the devil. I was wondering what kind of hurt do you feel. I say the rosary every time. I m depressed but many many times I told my psychiatist I have an unbearable pain in my heart I can’t explain. It sometimes. Makes me think of suicide but I would never I taught K in a Catholic school. And taught the children the hail Mary our father glory be and the rosary. We would do once a week with the whole school. I feel that I m being personally attacked. Could you please be of help too me I do get scared but then get thru thru anguish until my husband comes home and it goes away. The doctor told me it was stress and part of bipolar depression. I love you for you strength and devotion to Mary and Jesus Help me carry this cross or heal me. I have also been isolated from friends because of my depression and retirement from teaching. Something stops me and makes me panic with anxiety about socializing with my husbands and my couple friends. I am always tired when it comes to church too. I take prozac and valium and hydroxyzine. I am taking care of my sister who is 2 years older than me she took care of my dad for 11 years after my mom died. My dad died at 4 am on good Friday. He knew it was going to be soon because his father died on good Friday too my grandmother also died on Easter ssunday I would love you to bless me. Thank you Lynn Condon

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