Vicka on the Eternal Fire:

Vicka: – “The Gospa showed us hell. It’s a terrible place. In the middle there is a great fire, but not like what we know on earth. We have seen absolutely normal people, like those who meet on the street, who threw themselves into that fire. When they came out they resembled fierce beasts that screamed their hatred and their rebellion and swore …

It was hard to believe they were human beings, they were so disfigured, changed … Before this show we were scared and we did not understand how such a horrible thing could happen to those people. Fortunately, the presence of the Gospa reassured us. 

We also saw a very beautiful girl throw herself into the fire: afterwards she looked like a monster. The Gospa then explained what we had seen and told us: – Those people went to hell of his will. It is their choice, their decision. Do not be afraid! God has given everyone freedom. 

On earth everyone can decide for God or against God. Certain people on earth always do everything against God, against his will, fully aware: so hell begins in their hearts; when the moment of death comes, if they do not repent, it is the same hell that continues. – Gospa – we asked you then – will these people, one day, be able to get out of hell? –

Hell will not end, those who are there do not want to receive anything from God, they have freely chosen to be far from God, forever! God does not want to force anyone to love him. – So I ask Vicka: – If God has a good heart, does not it matter to let his children get so lost, forever?Why does not he put a barrier in front of hell, for example, or why he does not take in his arms all those who are preparing to throw themselves into the fire to convince them to go with him instead of Satan? – But God does everything to save us! All!Jesus died for each of us and his love is great for everyone. 

He always invites us to get close to his heart but what can he do when he does not want to accept his love? Anything! Love can not be imposed! – In the end the Gospa entrusts them with a mission: I have shown you all this, so that you know that it exists and you tell it to others.