Medjugorje Today: “Do you know the one prayer Our Lady wants us to pray every day?”

Medjugorje Locutionist Jelena

Prayers dictated by Our Lady to Medjugorje locutionist, Jelena Vasilj. Jelena said Our Lady would like us to say this prayer each day when we can.


​​Jesus, we know that You are merciful and that You have offered Your Heart to us. It is crowned by thorns and our sins. We know that You constantly beg us so that we do not get lost. Jesus, remind us of us when we are in sin.  Through Your Heart, let all men love each other. Hatred among men disappears. Show us your love. We all love you and wish you to protect us with your heart as a shepherd and free us from all sin. Jesus, enter every heart! Knock, knock on the door of our heart. Be patient and never give up. We are still closed because we have not understood Your love. He knocks continuously. We pray oh good Jesus, that we open our hearts to you at least when we remember your passion suffered for us. Amen.

Our Lady also wishes us to pray this prayer when you can:

O Immaculate Heart of Mary, burning with goodness, shows Your love towards us.
The flame of Your heart, O Mary, descends on all men. We love you so much. Impress true love in our hearts so as to have a continuous desire for You. O Mary, humble and gentle of heart, remind us of us when we are in sin. You know that all men sin.Give us spiritual health through Your Immaculate Heart. Grant that we can always look to the goodness of your motherly heart and that we convert by means of the flame of your heart. Amen. Dictated by Our Lady to Jelena Vasilj November 28, 1983.

Our Lady in her messages also invites us to dedicate in our day of time to prayer especially the recital of the Holy Rosary in families.

Vicka’s apparition in Nazrarette

2 thoughts on “Medjugorje Today: “Do you know the one prayer Our Lady wants us to pray every day?”

  • Dear brothers and sisters
    in jesus christ
    I am manuja kuriakose please pray for me. i humbly request you all small prayer for my nursing registrations in canada and we planning to buy a house
    But we don’t enough money for it . Please keep in your prayers
    Thanking you all..
    May god bless you all
    Manuja kuriakose

  • Dear Brothers and Sisters,
    I am Mavis Symonds, Please pray for my family, may they be healthy, happy and able to support themselves may they grow to love you as the Holy Mother an may they have their needs met by your intercession, I pray that they will share what they have with others less fortunate. For my own sake please intercede on my behalf so that I am able to remain independent and not be reliant on medications that I hate having to take for pain. Help me deal with pain through prayer, I ask that all of the people I know and those I don’t know who are suffering have their suffering eased and their lives be made easier through you and their own effort. When asking for myself I pray and ask for your intercession to find the resources to fix my property so that we don’t run out of water and have proper sewerage, fencing so that we can grow our own food. I also prey for the resources we need to assist others who need to be housed by building suitable accommodation and plots of land for those housed to grow their own vegetables and their own livestock so that children can be fed and have a proper diet. Help our group in our efforts to change lives through education and participation in healthy living programs. I ask for your intercession there is so much need out in communities we need to look at better ways of harvesting rain or grey water for the growing of crops.

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