Is Putin the Antichrist? – Prophecy Expert Weighs In

Good morning dearest Father Livio.

Today I finally managed to take a walk to visit “my Madonnina” (between rain and headache I hadn’t been for a while) and so I am happily writing to her the thoughts that arose in this short period of time.

I do not believe that Putin, despite being a criminal, will also commit the grave sin of a nuclear holocaust. 

As you yourself said this morning, the Russian president seems to have, if not a conscience, then a clarity of thought that is not yet completely blinded by hatred; in fact he has always threatened, but never carried out, an attack with tactical missiles.

I don’t think it’s a pure coincidence that the current tsar was born on October 7: Our Lady, by virtue of this date, somehow holds him back.

Furthermore, if, as we all expect, Putin is re-elected on March 18, he will begin his new mandate under the banner of Saint Joseph (March 19), patron saint of the Universal Church and venerated by both Catholics and Orthodox.

Finally, Putin bears the name of Vladimir, a saint known and famous throughout Russia (and who, thanks to Saint John Paul II, was also included in the Roman martyrology), whose name means bringer of peace.

And, if it is true that up to now the new tsar has only brought wars, it is also true that the saint whose name he bears, as a violent and dissolute pagan, was baptized and converted to Christianity, changing his character over time into that of a meek man and promulgating laws based on Christian values, so much so that, after his death, he deserved the nickname of saint.

I don’t dare hope the same for Putin, but if, as the Latins said, the name is an omen, we can hope… After all, nothing is impossible for God.

Indeed, precisely for this reason, I believe that it can only be the Antichrist himself who makes the decision to annihilate the human race with a nuclear war, because I don’t think that there could be another equally reckless and crazy man on earth, if not he who feeds on hatred for the human race, the vicar on earth of Satan.

May Our Lady and Saint Joseph watch over us and the whole world.

 Monica di Baldissero. 

Dear Monica,

It is right to implore the help of the Madonna and Saint Joseph. We absolutely need it.

Putin is the only leader in the world who intermittently threatens to use nuclear weapons. It did this already at the beginning of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, a free and independent state recognized by the UN.

After his brilliant career which boasts the destruction of entire cities and their inhabitants, such as Groznyi, Aleppo and Mariupol, Vladimir thought of outdoing himself, in October 2022, with the use of a nuclear device to stop the Ukrainian army which was reconquering part of its territory occupied by the Russians. He stopped because they let him know that he isn’t the only one who has atomic bombs.

Yet more than half the world lies at his feet. Next March 18th will not be an election (having eliminated the real competitors in advance) but will be the consecration of his eternal Power.

Does Our Lady’s decision to appear to Mirjana every March 18 have anything to do with Putin? I think so. If he is not the Antichrist we are close.

However, his days are numbered and it is not necessary for us Italians to start learning Russian.

As Mirjana said, already with the first secret Satan’s power will begin to crumble. The three-day prophecy will impress the world.

Ave Maria

Father Livio