Garabandal: The secret letter to Visionaries from Padre Pio that confirms everything? “You will be with Me until the end of the world, and then united with Me in the joy of Paradise.”

It was 1962 when the four young visionaries of Garabandal received an anonymous letter that could not be deciphered for them, since it was written in Italian.

Garabandal letter Padre Pio

The four seers of Garabandal, Conchita, Mari-Loli, Jacinta and Mari Cruz received the letter on March 3, 1962. On that occasion, Feliz Lopez, then seminarian of the Major Seminary of Derio (Bilbao), helped them. who succeeded not only in translating the letter, but hypothesized a possible sender, recognizing a particular style, that of San Pio da Pietrelcina. The confirmation came directly from the Virgin Mary, the sender could only be the Saint of Pietrelcina.

The letter from Padre Pio

The letter read as follows: “Dear maidens, at nine o’clock this morning the Holy Virgin Mary spoke to me of you, dear young girls, of your visions and told me to tell you:” O blessed girls of San Sebastian de Garabandal, Io I promise you that I will be with you until the end of the ages and you will be with Me until the end of the world, and then united with Me in the joy of Paradise “.

The Rosary of Fatima

The letter continued: “I attach to the present the copy of the Holy Rosary of Fatima, which the Holy Virgin has ordered me to send you. This Rosary was dictated by the Holy Virgin , and wants it to be touted for the salvation of sinners and the preservation of humanity from worse punishments, which the good Lord is threatening. There is only one recommendation: pray and have them pray, because the world is on the road to perdition. They don’t believe in you and in your conversations with the white Lady, but they will believe it when it is too late “.

Letter Padre Pio
Padre Pio letter (websource)

The confirmation of the Virgin Mary

After translating the letter, Feliz Lopez helped young Conchita prepare a letter of gratitude to Padre Pio . When the letter was concluded, Conchita entered into a state of ecstasy, praying to the Holy Rosary. During her prayer, the Virgin appeared to her and confirmed that the letter had been written by Saint Pio. The Virgin then gave a secret answer to send to the Saint.

Padre Pio and the Miracle

One of the prophecies of Our Lady of Garabandal concerning the Miracle, was that Padre Pio would see him from wherever he was and so it was. It was 1968 when Conchita received a telegram asking her to go to Lourdes. There, the visionary met Father Bernardino Cennamo, an emissary of Padre Pio to whom the young woman expressed her bitterness: “Why did the Virgin tell me that Padre Pio would see the Miracle and then he died?” [Saint Pio died on 23 September of that ‘year]. But the Father reassured her: “He saw the Miracle before he died, he told me himself.”

The veil of Padre Pio

On the occasion when Conchita and Padre Cennamo met, the latter gave the veil the veil that covered Padre Pio’s face after his death. When she returned home, the young woman wrote these words, whose source is represented by an interview in 1975: “I had the veil before my eyes while I was writing when, suddenly, the whole room was filled with a fragrance. I had already heard the fragrance of Padre Pio , but without giving it importance. The whole room smelled so much that it made me cry. It was the first time I experienced this. It happened after his death “.

Fabio Amicosante