We know that the secrets are revelations from Our Lady confided to the six visionaries of Medugorje regarding future events that will happen in the world and which will lead to the triumph of her Immaculate Heart. We also know that they will be communicated (one at a time) ten days before their occurrence to a Franciscan friar named Petar Ljubicic by the visionary Mjriana Dragicevic; together they will fast, immersed in prayer, for seven consecutive days on bread and water… therefore three days before the event occurs, it will be revealed to everyone.

We also know that no one is aware of the content of the 10 secrets, not even the spiritual directors of the respective visionaries, except Dr. Ludvik Stopar, psychiatrist, who between 1982 and 1983 was part of the Medical Commission that visited and studied from scientific point of view the six visionaries, during a hypnosis session (in a state, therefore, of non-consciousness) Marija Pavlovic revealed the content of the ninth secret. The Yugoslavian psychiatrist, however, has repeatedly declared that professional ethics do not allow him to communicate anything.

It must also be added that the current Bishop of Mostar, Ratko Peric, declared in 2004 that the first Diocesan Commission, appointed in 1982 by the previous bishop Monsignor Zanic, composed of four theologians, asked the visionaries to write in duplicate, which genre of a “great sign” would appear on the hill of apparitions and they would put their answers in two envelopes and then seal them. One of the envelopes would have been kept by them while the other by the Chancellery office of the curia of Mostar. When the “great sign” occurred, the envelopes would be opened and the truth verified. But five of the visionaries refused, only Ivan Dragicevic (then a seminarian) responded in writing. According, therefore, to the story of the current bishop of Mostar, the contents of the third secret would be in the possession of the Curia itself. In reality, we do not know what Ivan wrote and whether he actually described “the great sign” of the third secret, or limited himself to that summary description which is in the public domain…what is certain is that the Curia has not never revealed anything.

This “great sign”, which, as has just been mentioned, constitutes the third secret… Our Lady herself allowed the visionaries to reveal that it concerns a sign that will appear on the podbrdo, the hill of apparitions, to help those who do not believers to convert…it will be indelible, indestructible and indelible, and it will be possible to see how no human hand could accomplish it and many healings will take place near the sign in those days…many however, according to the story of the visionaries, despite this portentous sign , they won’t believe… Our Lady also told the visionaries to fix the current territorial conformation of Podbrdo in their memory as afterwards it will no longer be as it was before. Various suppositions could be made regarding this sign, some theologians have hypothesized that in the wake of Lourdes an extraordinary and enormous source of water could appear on that arid and stony hill, but it is only a conjecture… in this regard it should also be noted that in 1981, at the beginning of the apparitions, many inhabitants of Medugorje saw the Podbrdo go up in flames and when they approached the fire they discovered that everything was fine and there wasn’t even a smell of smoke. And the next day Our Lady told Marija Pavlovic verbatim: “The fire seen by the people was of a supernatural nature, it is a premonitory sign of the great sign that will come”…

As regards the other secrets, we know that the first three (including the sign therefore) constitute warnings given to humanity… the seventh instead concerns a very severe punishment which, however, was considerably attenuated by the prayers of the parishioners of Medugorje… However, the ninth and tenth secrets also contain very severe punishments (this is what emerges from the letter sent on 7 December 1983 by the parish priest of Medugorje to the Holy Father, John Paul II and in which it is specified that the ninth and tenth secrets contain events that will purify the world from his sins). When will the ten events contained in the secrets finally occur? To an explicit question in this sense from Father Livio Fanzaga (who is now over 81 years old), Marija Pavlovic responded with a joke “But Father, you are not that old to not see them” Friends, we know that the main core of the message of Mediugorje are not the secrets but the call to conversion, but I wanted to make this summary so that by remembering this aspect we can always reflect on the extraordinary importance of Medugorje today (defined by Brother Petar Ljubic, the Franciscan with the task of communicating the secrets, the greatest event for the Church.

Source: By Pietro Giuseppe –


Mary, my Mother

my gaze before you

gets lost in the blue of your cloak.

Your smile is infinitely sweet.

My beloved, I feel protected by You

from morning to evening.

Your gaze is on me,

Queen of Peace.

Your hands open towards me

mine tend.

Your rosy cheeks

they know about the Temple of the Holy Spirit

your eyes of Mirror of Perfection

your white dress encloses you all

in Impregnable Fortress.

Mother, listen to us

turn your gaze down here.

Console the afflicted and give health to the sick.

You Queen conceived without sin

she makes us keep your words

so as not to offend you, and she does,

may our joy be in your will.

Every creature praises You Maria

Mother of Our Lord

pure and beautiful creature.

Obedient to God Your Father.

In the exultation

you have magnified the Lord

because you have been offering yourself as a servant

blessed among all women.

We all call you blessed

because the Almighty has been great to You.

Your name is also Holy

and it will be there throughout all generations


O Queen of the humble, let us be

happy in hope,

strong in tribulation

perservative in prayer

because if we really knew

how much You love us we would cry

certainly of joy.

Teach us oh Mary to love God!

He loved us first

so that we may praise him for his

mercy and for his

wonderful works,

he makes us faithful to him forever

how You Mary exalt him

after knowing

his Holy name forever. Amen