Abandoned German Shepherd Seeks Warmth and Comfort in the Cradle of Our Lord at Nativity Scene

Criciúma . The German shepherd puppy in the cradle of Baby Jesus, first at his feet, then at his side

It was December and in a local square in the city of Criciúma (Brazil) the usual nativity scene had been set up which, like every year, attracted local citizens for the usual Christmas visit.

One morning it turns out that the Child Jesus was no longer alone in his cradle, next to him in fact, a German shepherd puppy , abandoned by the owners, had found warmth and company. Wrapped in the straw of the Nativity, he lay first lying at the feet of the Savior, then next to Him, with a serene air that has immediately transpired in the many photos that were taken.

Through a small story we can see how the words that Jesus left us, are true and find space in our hectic everyday life.

Jesus in fact made himself small for us by reminding us, every time we look at Him, that He too was a man with our same uncertainties and “dimensions”.

The puppy that finds refuge in the cradle of our Lord then shows us that for every creature of His there is a place in His heart and in His place.

That same puppy, however, who first finds himself at the feet of the Child Jesus as if to remind us of impotence before the Lord, then next to Him as a sign of brotherhood, brings to mind the important words of Jesus of Nazareth, enclosed in the Gospel of John (15.9-170):

“I no longer call you servants, but I have called you friends.”

The fright that caught the puppy when he awoke, surrounded by onlookers and cameras, then turned into the final worthy of the most beautiful Christmas stories .