“Dear friends, I do not know how to transmit this love, this beauty, these divine feelings that I felt.  But At that moment I knew: “This is the Mother of God.” 

Testimony of the visionary Ivanka of 2013

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Pater, Ave, Gloria. 

Queen of Peace, pray for us. 

At the beginning of this meeting I wanted to greet you with the most beautiful greeting: “May Jesus Christ be praised”. 

Always be praised! 

Why am I now in front of you? Who am I? What can I tell you? 
I am a simple mortal person like each of you. 

In all these years I constantly ask myself: “Sir, why did you choose me? Why did you give me this great, great gift, but at the same time great responsibility? “Here on earth, but also one day when I will come before Him. I have accepted all this. This great gift and great responsibility. I only pray to God to give me the strength to continue to go on the path He wants from me. 

Here I can only testify that God is alive; that He is among us; that has not moved away from us. It is we who have strayed from Him. 
Our Lady is a Mother who loves us. She does not want to leave us alone. It makes us see the way that leads us to His Son. This is the only true way on this earth. 
I can also tell you that my prayer is like your prayer. My closeness to God is the same closeness that you have to Him. 
It all depends on me and on you: how much we rely on you and how much we can accept your messages. 
Seeing the Madonna with her own eyes is a beautiful thing. Instead seeing it with your eyes and not having it in your heart counts for nothing. Each of us can feel it in our heart if he wants and can open his heart. 

In 1981 I was a girl of 15 years. Although I provide from a Christian family where we have always prayed up to that moment I did not know that Our Lady could appear and that she appeared somewhere. Even less I could imagine that I could see you one day. 
In 1981 my family lived in Mostar and Mirjana in Sarajevo. 
After school, during the holidays, we came here. 
With us there is the habit of not working on Sundays and holidays and if you can go to Mass. 
On that day, June 24th, St. John the Baptist, after the Mass, we girls agreed to meet in the afternoon for a walk. That afternoon Mirjana and I found ourselves first. Waiting for the other girls to arrive, we would chat as girls do at the age of 15. We got tired of waiting for them and we walked towards the houses. 

Even today I do not know why during the dialogue I turned to the hill, I do not know what attracted me. When I turned around I saw the Mother of God. I do not even know where those words came from when I said to Mirjana: “Look: there’s the Madonna up there!” She, without looking, told me: “What are you saying? ? What happened to you? “I was silent and we kept walking. We arrived at the first house where we met Milka, sister of Marija, who went to bring the sheep back. I do not know what he saw on my face and he asked me: “Ivanka, what happened to you? You look strange “. Going back I told her what I saw. When we reached the place where I had the vision they too turned their heads and saw what I had seen before. 

I can only tell you that all the emotions I had inside of me got messed up. So there were prayer, song, tears … 
In the meantime, Vicka also came and saw that something was happening with all of us. We told her: “Run, run, because we see Our Lady here. Instead she removed her sandals and ran home. Along the way he met two guys named Ivan and told them what we saw. So in three they came back to us and they also saw what we were seeing. 

The Madonna was distant from us 400 – 600 meters and with the sign of the hand pointed to us to approach. 
As I said, all the emotions were mixed inside me, but the one that prevailed was fear. Even if we were a nice group we did not dare to go towards you. 
Now I do not know how long we’ve been there. 

I only remember that some of us went straight home, while others went to the home of a certain Giovanni who celebrated the name day. Full of tears and fear we entered that house and we said: “We have seen Our Lady”. I remember that there were apples on the table and they were pulling at them. They told us: “Run immediately to your home. Do not tell these things. With these things you can not play. Do not repeat to anyone what you told us! “ 

When we returned home I told my grandmother, brother and sister what I had seen. Whatever I said, my brother and my sister laughed at me. My grandmother told me: “My daughter, this is impossible. You probably saw someone who was grazing sheep. “ 

In my life there has never been a night longer than that. I was constantly asking myself, “What happened to me? Did I really see what I saw? I’m out of my mind. What happened with me? “ 
To any adult we said what we had seen he answered that it was impossible. 
Already that evening and the day after had spread what we had seen. 
That afternoon we said: “Come on, let’s go back to the same place and see if we can see again what we saw yesterday”. I remember that my grandmother held me by the hand and told me: “You do not go. Stay here with me! “ 
When we saw a light three times we ran on so fast that no one could reach us.But when we arrived near you … 
Dear friends, I do not know how to transmit this love, this beauty, these divine feelings that I felt. 
I can only tell you that until today my eyes have never seen anything more beautiful. A young girl of 19-21 years old, with a gray dress, white veil and crown of stars on the head. SHe has the beautiful and tender blue eyes. SHe has hair blacks and flies on a cloud.
That inner feeling, the beauty, the tenderness and the Love of a Mother can not be described with words. You have to try it and live it. At that moment I knew: “This is the Mother of God.”
Two months before that event was my mother died. I asked: “My Mother, where is my mother?” She smiled and told me she is with her. Then he looked at each of the six of us and told us not to be afraid because you will always be with us.
In all these years, if you had not been with us, and we mere human beings could not bear it all.

She is presented here as the Queen of Peace. His first message was: “Peace. Peace. Peace”. To peace we can only come through prayer, fasting, penance and the blessed Eucharist.
From the first day until now these are the most important messages at Medjugorje. Those who live these messages find the questions and the answers.

From 1981 to 1985 I saw her every day. During those years you told me your life, the future of the world, the future of the Church. I wrote all this. When you tell me to whom I will deliver this I wrote.
On 7 May 1985 I had the last daily apparition. Our Lady told me that I would have seen more every day. From 1985 until today I see you once a year on 25 June. In that last daily encounter God and Our Lady gave me a great, great gift for me. A great gift for me, but also for the whole world. If you here are wondering whether there is life after this life I am here as a witness in front of you. I can tell you that here on earth we are doing only a very short road to eternity. I at that meeting I saw my mother as I see each of you. She hugged me and told me: “My daughter, I am proud of you.”
Here, the sky opens up and tells us: “Dear children, return to the path of peace, conversion, fasting and penance.” We have been taught the way and we are free to choose the way we want.

Each of us six visionaries has its mission. Some pray for priests, others for the sick, others for young people, some pray for those who do not know God’s love and my mission is to pray for the families.
Our Lady calls us to respect the sacrament of marriage, because our families are to be holy. It invites us to renew family prayer, to go to Mass on Sundays, to confess monthly and the most important thing is that at the center of our family there is the Bible.
Therefore, dear friend, if you want to change your life, the first step would be to achieve peace. Pace yourself. This can not be found anywhere except in the confessional, because you will reconcile with yourself. Then go to the center of Christian life, where Jesus is alive. Open your heart and He will heal all your wounds and you will carry more easily all the difficulties you have in your life.
Awaken your family in prayer. Do not allow it to accommodate what the world offers. Because today we need holy families. Because if the evil destroys the family will destroy the world. From a good family provviene so well: good politicians, good doctors, good priests.

You can not say you have no time for prayer, because God has given us the time and we are the ones who dedicate themselves to different things.
When a catastrophe happens, a disease or something serious, we leave everything to lend a hand to those in need. God and Our Lady give us the strongest medicine against all diseases of this world. This is the prayer with the heart.
In the early days, you invited us to pray the Creed and seven Our Fathers, Hail Mary, Glory. Then he invited us to pray the rosary daily. In all these years she invites us to fast twice a week on bread and water and to pray the rosary every day. Our Lady told us that through prayer and fasting we can even stop wars and disasters. I urge you not to allow Sunday’re lying down to rest. The real rest you at Mass. Only there you can have true rest. Because if we allow the Holy Spirit to enter our hearts will be much easier to bring tAll the problems and difficulties that we have in our lives.

You do not have to be a Christian only on paper. The churches are not only the buildings: we are the living Church. We are different from others. We are full of love for our brother. We are happy and we sign for our brothers and sisters, because Jesus wants us to be apostles at this time on earth. He also wants to thank you, because you wanted to hear the message of Our Lady. We say thanks more if you want to bring this message in your hearts. Take them in your families, in your churches, in your states. Not only speak the language, but to bear witness with their lives.
Once again I want to thank you pointing out to listen to what Our Lady said to us in the early days the seers, “Do not be afraid of anything, because I am with you every day.” It ‘s the exact same thing he says to each of us.

I pray every day for all the families of this world, but at the same time I ask you all to pray for our families, so that we can come together to be one in prayer.
Now with prayer we thank God for this meeting.