Medjugorje’s 3rd Secret: Permanent and Indestructible Sign – Fr. Mark Goring


Vicka, during an interview by Fr. Janko Bubalo:

Janko: “Tell me where the Virgin will give that sign.

Vicka: “On Podbrdo. At the sight of the first apparitions.

Janko: “Will the sign be in the Heavens or on earth?

Vicka: “On earth.

Janko: “Will it appear spontaneously, or will it gradually appear?

Vicka: “Spontaneously.

Janko: “Will everyone be able to see it?

Vicka: “Whoever comes here will.

Janko: “Will the sign be temporary, or will it be permanent?

Vicka: “Permanent.

Janko: “Will the sign be able to be destroyed by anyone?

Vicka: “By no one.

Janko: “You think that or…

Vicka: “The Virgin said so.

Janko: “Do you know exactly what the sign will be?

Vicka: “Exactly!

Janko: “Do you know when the Virgin will make it evident to the rest of us?

Vicka: “I know that also.

Janko: “And why is the Virgin leaving the sign here?

Vicka: “Why to show the people that She is here among us…I’ll just say this: whoever does not believe without a sign will not believe with a sign. And, I’ll tell you this too: woe to him who delays his conversion, waiting for the sign. I once told you that many would come, and perhaps, even kneel before the sign, but will, nonetheless, not believe. Be happy that you are not among them!”2

3 thoughts on “Medjugorje’s 3rd Secret: Permanent and Indestructible Sign – Fr. Mark Goring

  • I would like to know where is that place
    Prodbro please! I believe without seeing is it bad to go see mother mary there!?.

    Thank u marija and miriana I am praying w u always please pray for my daughter isabella zoghaib this little beautifull gift was from Mary mother of Jesus christ the devil is trying to get me within her but he will never !.

    Love u all.
    Rose k.zoghaib.

  • I remember being told that the sign will be able to have pictures of it, and video.
    Why are we being told now that only those rich enough to afford a pilgrimage to Medjugorje will see it? I am confused as I have always thought that the sign would be seen by all.

  • We were ever get to visit Medjugorje again

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