Medjugorje: The Illumination of Conscience and the coming tribulation.

For Sister Emmanuel of Medjugorje every soul will see how God sees it and for many it will be tremendous.

The Secrets, a series of signs and events that will concern Medjugorje, the Church and the whole world, have already been entrusted to the visionaries and will be revealed to the world through a priest each three days before it happens.

The imminent Time of Secrets will be a huge manifestation of God’s mercy. Men will be placed before a choice.
It will be a dramatic time that will reveal things and hearts. For many there will be a tribulation for those far from God. Evil will show its claws and its fierce face. The Good will demand the test of faith.

For the little ones, the myths, the simple ones who will have brought their own cross with Jesus will be met with God’s mercy. The “little ones”will see bright days. Jesus will say:  “Come blessed by my Father!” But those choosing to do things without God, “choosing in your own way” will bare  costs, the price will be assigned by how far one’s conscience is from God.   This will not be a pleasant time for many. They will be told by the Lord that it will be very difficult to start over on the
path. In the end, as already prophesied at Fatima, the Immaculate Heart of Mary Our Mother will triumph and a new and better time will begin for the world because finally the Will of God which is Love will return to inhabit the hearts of men.

The great journalist and author Wayne Weible had this to say about the “Warning” and the illumination of conscience:

“This holy grace of revelation concerning where we stand in the judgment of God has generally been called “The Warning” or “The Illumination from the soul.”

Whatever one needs to call it, it only is smart that it is also one of the ten secrets the Blessed Virgin Mary has given to the visionaries of Medjugorje.

It can be further stated that it’s conceivably one of the three warnings that’ll be given at Medjugorje after the apparitions cease to take place. The warnings will be to let the world know that this launch is from God and that He is real.

The 1st three secrets will be “the warnings.” This
has been revealed by way of personal messages received from the visionaries in the early days of the apparitions. The Illumination in the Soul will be like a spiritual x-ray that may reveal to each individual which path they’re on: the path to damnation or the path to salvation. Man-kind will then have the free will to decide to follow the path to God or the path to Satan. Sadly, as the Blessed Virgin Mary has stated in her messages to various seers, many will still follow the path to damnation, even though they will know without doubt that God exists and loves every creature.

Our Lady desires that our souls are illuminated with the Holy Spirit

In a Message dated April 2, 2014, the Blessed Mother said:

“Dear children, with a motherly love I desire to help you for your life of prayer and penance to be a sincere attempt of drawing closer to my Son and His divine light – that you may know how to separate yourselves from sin.

Every prayer, every Mass and every fasting is an attempt of drawing closer to my Son, a reminder of His glory and a refuge from sin – it is a way to a renewed union of the good Father and His children. Therefore, my dear children, with hearts open and full of love, cry out the name of the Heavenly Father that He may illuminate you with the Holy Spirit.

Through the Holy Spirit you will become a spring of God’s love. All those who do not know my Son, all those thirsting for the love and peace of my Son, will drink from this spring. Thank you. Pray for your shepherds. I pray for them and I desire that they may always feel the blessing of my motherly hands and the support of my motherly heart. Amen. Ave Maria. Thank you for watching.