Powerful Evidence of the Mysterious Christian Revival in Russia – Fatima Prophecy Fulfilled

By Stephen Ryan – Author of “The Madonna Files”

This is an important video which provides a fascinating insight into Russia’s intervention into Syria. The effort to protect Christians in Syria was a major reason behind Russia’s military action and that is a factor many in positions of power in USA foreign policy keep hidden from the American public.

But also this short video can help Christians and Catholics make up their own mind about the Fatima prophecies concerning Russia. There are many self-appointed “experts” about the events known as the “consecration of Russia”, particularly by those who are adamant that the consecration of Russia did not take place or was, at best, done incorrectly. Did the consecration take place or not has been a debate that has raged among Catholics for decades. But now, with the fall of the atheist state of the USSR, the collapse of the Berlin Wall and suddenly Russia’s profound spiritual revival, the evidence of the fulfillment of Fatima’s prophecy seems to be overwhelming.

This video will also shed some light on progressive media’s (secular and anti-God) unending effort to “demonize” Russia. They are determined to sieance the one voice that is standing up for Christians around the world.