The Savior of the world died a cruel death on the cross. His broken body was laid in a tomb. His disciples scattered and were afraid that they would be next. But our Blessed Mother was watching in the perfect hope that her Son would soon be resurrected.

Traditionally, Saturdays within the church year are dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. This ancient tradition developed in part because of the belief that Mother Mary, while others were filled with fear and confusion, kept vigil on Holy Saturday in prayerful anticipation of Jesus’ resurrection. She knew that her Son would be resurrected. She had hope beyond hope. Her faith was secure. Her love kept her awake as she waited for her Son’s return.

It has been suggested for centuries that the first person Jesus appeared to after his resurrection was his own mother. Pope Saint John Paul II also believed in this . Saint Ignatius of Loyola believed in it. And many others throughout the centuries shared this belief.

When Jesus stormed the gates of hell: The forgotten event of Holy Saturday

When Jesus stormed the gates of hell: The forgotten event of Holy Saturday

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Try to unite your heart with the heart of the Mother

That is why Holy Saturday is the ideal day to reflect on the thoughtful heart of our Blessed Mother. There are several times in the Holy Scriptures where we are told that Mother Mary pondered in her heart the mysteries of her Son’s life. She was one of the few who stood by Him in His agony and death. She stood before the cross and prayed about His perfect sacrifice. The Blessed Mother held His dead body in her arms and wondered where His spirit had gone. Even today, she keeps vigil, thinking about His soon return to her.

Think about her imaginary heart. Try to unite your heart with hers. Try to understand what she meant and hoped for. Try to feel what she felt on this sad day. Try to experience her faith, her trust and her joyful anticipation.

So many people in this world walk in despair and confusion. Many have lost hope in the new life that awaits them. So many have their own form of inner death without allowing God to draw them into his resurrection. So many people today need the hope that was so alive in the heart of our Blessed Mother on that first Holy Saturday.

On this day, think silently about the reality of Holy Saturday and let the glorious heart of our Blessed Mother inspire you and draw you even deeper into your life of faith, hope and love.