April 12, 1947 was a sunny Saturday, and Bruno Cornacchiola – railroad worker, Adventist and communist, who wanted to kill Pope Pius XII. identifying him with the antichrist – he decided to take advantage of a beautiful day to take his three children on a picnic to Tre Fontane, on the outskirts of the city in Rome, where St. Paul was martyred.

And that day changed the entire course of his life. A beautiful Lady appeared to him in a small cave and said: “I am the Virgin from the Apocalypse, you are persecuting me.” Stop! Enter the holy fold of heaven on earth.”

And among other things, she told him about her ascension to heaven, in order to distance him from his Protestant and anti-Marian prejudices, and as a confirmation of traditional Catholic teaching, she told him: “My body could not disintegrate, and it didn’t.”

And among other things, she told him about her ascension to heaven, in order to distance him from his Protestant and anti-Marian prejudices, and as a confirmation of traditional Catholic teaching, she told him: “My body could not disintegrate, and it didn’t.”

And she indicated to him that she would help him reconcile with God and the Pope. This is one of the most shocking conversions in the history of the Catholic faith, it was approved and we wrote about it here.

But the apparitions and messages continued throughout Bruno’s life until his death in 2001, and Cornacchiola himself copied Maria’s words into his diaries.

The first book of his diaries, which contains a report on the first apparition of the Virgin, was handed over to Pope Pius XII by Bruno. on the night of July 22, 1947, in the presence of three priests, who read the message of April 12 after the approval of the Pope.

The Pope encouraged him to publish these messages

This private meeting was followed by a public meeting on December 9, 1949, in which the Pope encouraged Bruno to publish his apparitions.

On October 5, 1947, Pius XII. he blessed the statue of the Virgin who appeared to him, and in 1956 he allowed public worship in the apparition cave and in the adjacent chapel.

And John Paul II blessed three statues of Our Lady of the Apocalypse for Italy, Australia and the United States. Because Our Lady said that “wherever the shrine of Our Lady of the Revelation is erected, it will be an oasis of conversion for all during the period of purification of the Church.”

The central messages of the apparitions

And what is the central message that the Virgin gave to this converted Protestant over the years?

There were two, one is that the whole Church will go through a huge trial, to clean the rot that Satan has infiltrated into the Church. And the second message is to priests to believe more deeply in the revealed truths of faith and to stay away from heresy and false ecumenism.

She told him that “before Russia converts and abandons atheism, she will launch a huge and fierce persecution”.

And that this will happen because “Satan has been released for a certain time and will ignite the fire of rebellion in people.” Already in the first appearance, she told Bruni, “the world will go to another war, more merciless than the previous ones.”

And then she called: “children, be strong, resist the attack of hell. Satan’s wrath is no longer restrained, the Church will be a widow and will be left at the mercy of the world.”

And on February 24, 1968, shortly after the Second Vatican Council, she told him: “Satan now rules in all high positions. Satan will come to the leading positions of the Church. The temptations are terrible, the world will live in such confusion that the chosen ones will be exposed to doubt”.

And she referred to false ideologies and theologies. Many of the messages were about priests.
She told him: “The whole Church will undergo a terrible trial, in order to cleanse what has crept into its preachers.” To clean it of the impurities that are inside. “Shepherds are not doing their duty. Too much of the world has entered his mind to cause a scandal to the flock and lead him astray”.

On November 12, 1986, the Virgin shows a scene in which she symbolically shows how the world treats priests who remain faithful and show outward signs of faith, says Bruno like this: “I see many priests with their cassocks and nuns with their habits, all in order and executioners who push them, and drag them one by one onto the wooden platform. They make them kneel down and beg them to renounce. And before their answer ‘No!’ they take their heads and are beheaded”.

And later, on April 16, 1987, she asked Bruno: “You must offer yourself as a sacrifice for the conversion and sanctification of priests and religious, who have abandoned the path of doctrine and morality, because of whose guilt many souls go to hell.” And then on August 14, 1999, Our Lady showed him nuns, priests, bishops, cardinals and said to him:

“They are deaf and slow! They see the signs that are the call, but they don’t think about this reality. They deny the Triune God and proudly consider themselves God.”

On August 15, 1958, Our Lady told him that it was necessary to reaffirm that “there is no salvation outside the Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church”.

And on January 9, 1986, she told him: “Today, people put all religions on the same level, to lead everything to God.” “So, are those who do not accept Jesus also saved?”.

And on March 13, 2000, Our Lady will tell him: “Salvation is not a gathering of all religions to produce a bunch of errors and heresies, but rather a conversion to the unity of love and faith.”

And she also said, “Satan cannot do anything against the Church because it is divine, but against the souls that live in it, he can do a lot, so that he will show evil under a moral, religious, political and social layer. I call everyone to conversion”.

And in the message of January 1, 1988, the Lord specifically warns the priests who raise sheep that must fall, “you tread on my fold and lead it to destruction. Why don’t you do more to make my teaching known? Why do you lead my sheep to dry riverbeds and pastures full of deadly weeds?”.

In these messages, Our Lady and Jesus call for strong prayer for priests, religious, laity and the entire Church of Christ, which is currently going through a time of trial.