Medjugorje: “Prayer to ask for the healing of a sick person, dictated by Our Lady”

Prayer to ask for the healing of a sick person, dictated by Our Lady in Medjugorje

How many times have we been desperate for the illness of a relative, a brother, a husband or a son, and how many times we thought no one would help us and that there would be no hope.
But the Virgin Mary never abandons us, as a loving mother invites us to pray and pray so much because graces and healings are possible, it is enough to trust and see God’s hand and plan also in sickness.

In Medjugorje, June 22, 1985, Our Lady asked to recite this prayer for a sick person


O my God, this sick one here before You, has come to ask You what He desires, and which He believes to be the most important thing for him. You, God, let these words enter his heart “It is important to be healthy in the soul! »Lord, let Your holy will be done in everything! If you want me to heal, give him health. But if Your will is different, let it continue to carry its cross. I also pray for you that we intercede for him; purify our hearts to make us worthy to give, through us, your holy mercy.After prayer, recite the Glory to the Father three times.



* During the apparition of June 22, 1985, the visionary Jelena Vasilj says that Our Lady said about the Prayer for the sick: “Dear children. This is the most beautiful prayer you could play for a sick person! ». Jelena asserts that Our Lady has declared that Jesus himself has recommended it. Jesus wants that during the recitation of this prayer the sick person and also those who intercede with the prayer are entrusted into the hands of God. Protect him and relieve his pains, may Your holy will be done in him. Through him your holy name is revealed, help him to carry his cross with courage.