The Rosary in the Divine Will (1)

The Virgin Mary left us the rosary. Have you thought about what the Rosary is?

The Rosary is the life of Jesus through all the mysteries. When giving us the Rosary, Mary made something great, she gave us the fruit of her meditation which is the fruit of her intelligence, the fruit of his cultivation, so that we may become disciples of Jesus. The Rosary is a construction. The mysteries of the Rosary are the fruit of a choice by the Virgin Mary. They have the structure that we know because they are the result of a work of her intelligence to enter into the pedagogy of Christ and put ourselves at her school.

What did Mary put in the structure of the Rosary as intelligence, how it was worked, how it was sculpted, what information it gives, as information and material for meditation? Let us not forget that the Gospels tell us that Mary kept all these things in her heart, and that she meditated upon them. Our Mother Mary is extremely familiar with the art of meditating. She knows what meditation is. She rightly deems it as something very natural. she knows God, but God is invisible and she knows that we have access to God by the effects of his actions.

Mary learned to look in the scriptures that it is through events God speaks to us. Throughout history, God sends the prophets. From time to time the people feel threatened, then it is necessary to defend themselves, and there they seek the signs of God, and so forth. Mary is accustomed, through the history of her people, through tradition, to enter into meditation, to reflect. She’s kinda used to doing it for her own life. This is why at the school of the Divine Will it is important that one finds the time for daily meditation. It is not the time of prayer not adoration but only meditation.  

Mary was trained in meditation and in listening to God. In her we see the completion of what took place in the gospel story which recounts Martha and Mary. Mary, the sister of Martha, chose the better part and it will not be taken away from her, simply because she chose to listen to the Lord, in other words, she has chosen to become a disciple, to follow Christ step by step, to put herself at his feet and to listen to him. She was touched in her heart by this word and teachings of Christ. Mary is a convert. She was living in sin, she was touched, she was impacted, she was hurt by the word of Christ. This word entered in her and brought light, consolation, and restoration of her soul. Then she went to Christ. She was healed and nothing could stop her.

Normally, when the word of God enters us, nothing can stop us because the word of God has such power that I have the grace, I have the strength, I have the (Dunamis), the power to perform miracles. It is by the word that everything was created. So I will fulfill this word, I will accept that this living word lives in me and it may change the acts of my life to the point that  a change may occur in me, and a conversion takes place.


Fr Mario Attard OFM Cap