Medjugorje, message to the visionary Marija of 25 July 2020: the prayer of liberation while awaiting the words of the Madonna

Jesus the Savior,
my Lord and my God,
who with the sacrifice of the Cross have redeemed us
and defeated the power of satan,
please free me / (to free me and my family)
from any evil presence
and from any influence of the evil one . I ask you in your name, I ask you for your wounds, I ask you for your blood, I ask you for your cross, I ask you for the intercession of Mary Immaculate and Sorrowful.
Blood and water, that spring from your side
come down on me / (us) to purify me (purify us)
to free me / (free us) to heal me / (heal us).

Today at 2:45 PM eastern time the monthly message July 25, 2020 will be released

If you are not faithful to the Gospel, behold, Our Lady has come to Medjugorje to remind you of the Gospel, to bring you back to her Son Jesus.
But it leaves you free to believe or not, the important thing is that he has also spoken to you, has turned to your heart and invites you to return to Jesus, despite your sins. It tells you to love Jesus as you are and to start a new path of Faith together with her.

She is the Master of perfection, the Formator of the Saints, the Mother of the Church and of humanity, and it is her duty to intervene in the world and, above all, in the Catholic Church. He wants to re-evangelize the world.

The initiative starts from the SS. Trinity, is performed by She who is Daughter, Mother and Bride of the three Divine Persons. Only those who are pure in heart can understand Medjugorje, can recognize the presence of Our Lady there, certainly justify this prolonged presence and the continuous messages given. Among all the beautiful messages that we know, let us consult a few to understand if in Medjugorje we find humility, obedience, Divine Motherhood, the mediation of Our Lady and the invitation to prayer, the concern to warn us about the dangers that humanity and those who create satan. “The Graces can have as many as you want: it depends on you. Divine Love can be received when and how much you want: it depends on you “(March 25, 1985).