Fr. Michel Reveals Ancient Biblical Secret – Who is the Restrainer? Biblical End-time Event May Happen This Year

It is written: “For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work. But the one who restrains is to do so only for the present, until he is removed from the scene. And then the lawless one will be revealed.” The second epistle of Thessalonians chapter 2 verses 6 and 7.

Over the years experts of biblical prophecy have differing views over the true identity of this mysterious figure known as “the one who restrains” or the “restrainer”.


In some Bible translations he is also called: “the one who holds back”

For centuries, The Restrainer’s identity has been uncertain but there is agreement that, “He”, is someone of great power and is hindering the advance of the Antichrist and has been active in preventing the satanic kingdom from overwhelming the world.

In his second epistle to the Thessalonians, Paul assured the church that they were not yet living “the end times” – judgment had not begun.

According to God’s timetable, the Day of the Lord and the judgment” will not start until two things happen: a global rebellion occurs and the Antichrist is revealed.

Paul does not specifically identify what or who the restraining force is. Many scholars have speculated that restraining force as 1. Gospel preaching; 2. the binding of Satan; 3. The Holy church; 4. The Holy Spirit; and 5. Saint Michael the archangel the “protector and patron” of the People of God.

And so the Mystery of the “Restrainor’s” identity has endured, but now, in a sensational claim, the Apostle of End Times, Father Michel Rodrigue says he knows who he is.
, says that Saint Michael the Archangel has revealed to him the identity of the Biblical “Restrainer”.
In a recent letter from Father Michel, he claims Saint Michael the Archangel revealed to him, in a dream, the identity of the Biblical “Restrainer”, declaring that Saint Joseph has been the biblical Restrainer, “the one who holds back”, all along.

to have had a prophetic dream in which it was revealed to him that St. Joseph is the “restrainer”.

Father Michel says it has been Saint Joeseph who has been holding back the Antichrist, but now says that Saint Joeseph’s role as the Restrainor will cease this year at the end of the Vatican’s “Year of St. Joseph” on December 8th, 2021.

Father Michel writes: Saint Gabriel the Archangel appeared to me to tell me about the Holy and Great discretion of Saint Joseph and his role in these times.”
Here is what Saint Gabriel the Archangel specifically revealed to Fr. Michel:
The present times require the lifting of the veil of God’s gift of discretion for Saint Joseph in his role for the Church of Christ. Now is the time to reveal the words of the second letter to the Thessalonians, hidden from the beginning of the Church. Indeed, the mysterious figure that holds back or prevents the manifestation of the antichrist and his present domination must now be unveiled to enable all the righteous to understand the events which are taking place. You must stand ready and keep your lamps on for the manifestation of the Son of Man.

Father Michel continues with what Saint Gabriel told him: “Hear my words well. The cup of iniquity is overflowing, and soon a time will come for the Church when the persecution of the righteous will take place. During this year you will be forced to make a choice. Soon the mark of the Beast will be imposed on you to buy, to eat or to travel. But a great blessing of protection has been offered to you. The year 2021 is a year of discernment for those who want to be faithful to Christ. To all those who wish to follow Christ, Saint Joseph will assist you. But Saint Joseph must withdraw discreetly on December 8 2021.
By that time a social and planetary lie, organized and prepared by the acolytes of the antichrist will take hold.

Even though the antichrist seems to suffocate the righteous and the saints, giving the impression of the death of God and the end of the Catholic Church, all of this is only an appearance.
When Saint Joseph retires, the Immaculate Heart of Mary will begin the beginnings of the triumph of her Immaculate Heart for her children and for the Church.
The Church will go through the pains of a purification where the Virgin Mary will accompany her as Mother of sorrows.
Can you not now see the work of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph? Everything you need to know has been said. Live in confidence to accomplish his Divine Will and repeat this prayer often: Jesus, I trust in you!