“Everything here in Medjugorje is an enchanting mosaic of God” Mystic Post – Sensing Something Historic is Unfolding at Medjugorje with Ramifications for the World

Mystic Post volunteers spend hours perusing news reports searching across the globe for articles that we think are important to faithful Catholics and Christians. Much of the content we report concerns Medjugorje, as most of our loyal readers know.  The article that follows is typical of the kind of reports we come across but with one important difference:  nowhere in the article do we find some kind of caveat that taints the full wonder of Medjugorje. Nowhere do we find warnings that “Medjugorje is not yet approved”  or describes Medjugorje as the “controversial site of alleged apparitions”. The article simply talks about how incredibly wonderful  Medjugorje is for so many visitors.

So the reason we say “something historic ” may be on its way is that the world has never seen Medjugorje’s full power unleashed, and the full power will be felt throughout the world when the Vatican puts its stamp of approval on the Holy place of worship.  The world will begin to see the Triumphant of Our  Lady’s heart which was the promise of FATIMA and the world will see that  “MEDJUGORJE IS THE FULFILLMENT OF FATIMA”

The Prayer Group of Lamezia Terme returns from Medjugorje

Everything here in Medjugorje is an enchanting mosaic of God . 

So he summed up his reflection Maria Rosaria Farfaglia, a girl from Vibo Valentia and guitarist of the Lameth prayer group, at the end of the experience of faith she lived during the pilgrimage to Medjugorje organized by Mimmo Marra and Franco Nicolazzo, with the spiritual assistance of don Pino Latelli.

“I have especially made an experience of prayer and conversion,” added Valentino, “and I hope to continue in the daily life the path of faith begun trying to become an apostle of God’s merciful love.”

The Regina della Pace Group of Lamezia Terme, accompanied by faithful from Cosenza, Serrastretta, Vibo Valentia and Soverato, during the eight-day trip to Medjugorje, has experienced intense moments of prayer and an experience so engaging to re-energize in the heart Of all the light of hope, love and faith.

The pilgrims, with their face filled with joy and truly happy to find peace, expressed the desire to return to Medjugorje to relive the joyful experience that springs from being together in prayer in the presence of Mary.

“When I left for Medjugorie,” said the young Dominic, “I closed my heart to the Lord, closed to hope, closed to love.

The Queen of Peace has given me the gift of going home with my heart opened to God full of love and grace. “

As the days passed, the Lametid faithful experienced experiences of an indescribable inner beauty in the phases of their peregrination when, for example, they went up to Podbrdo, Mount of Apparitions, reciting and meditating on the Holy Rosary and where, according to the testimonies, it appeared For the first time the Madonna on June 24, 1981.

Moments of equally intense serenity and faith were those experienced by the faithful during the engaging Eucharistic adoration, climbing on the crash of Krizevac, Mount of the Cross, meditating on the stations of Via Crucis or those visiting the sanctuary of Tihaljna, which became the center of Christian spirituality . “So many are the difficult and often painful situations that cross the lives of life. Here I have learned to pray and I find that it is in prayer – emphasized Leila of Lamezia Terme – that we all perceive the presence of Mary who with her sweetness of Mother never tastes to console, to embrace and to stand beside her children Who are in suffering and give each one a great inner peace. ”

The pastor of the Carmine of Lamezia Terme Don Pino Latelli points out that ” there is nothing to be seen in Medjugorje but there is only to feel and to live. The faithful, through the approach to God’s word, to the sacraments, especially to the sacrament of Reconciliation, touched the merciful love of the Father and revived the light of faith by rediscovering the beauty of prayer, especially of the holy Rosary. “