Fatima Anniversary October 13, 2019 – Jacinta’s last words: “I will return to Fatima after death” …”If they only knew…the sin that dragged more people to perdition was the sin of the flesh “.

Source ;La Lucia di Maria

The little visionary of Fatima Jacinta confessed to her godmother before she died that she would return to her hometown because this is what the Madonna wanted.

Francesco and Jacinta
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When she made this revelation the shepherdess was in the hospital and had already understood that she would soon be passed to eternal life.

The Hospitalization of Jacinta

Everyone is aware of the Marian apparitions at Fatima and many know in great detail what was said to the three shepherds during these happy events; but few know the details concerning the lives of the three seers and the sufferings to which they have been subjected. Below we will talk about the last days of Jacinta’s life: the child was very sick and died very young. In an attempt to escape an inauspicious fate, a premature death, Dr. Lisboa decided to have her admitted to Don Estefania hospital .

Jacinta was not happy with this shelter, for some time she was far from Fatima and her loved ones, and after that decision she had also been taken away from Mother Godinho (superior of the house) and from Jesus who remained “Hidden” behind the tabernacle. Despite her reluctance, Jacinta was taken to hospital on 2 February 1920 to undergo surgery . From the beginning she noticed the lack of faith in that environment at the hospital. She was baffled by how the women who visited the sick in the ward were dressed up:

“What made her suffer the most, however, was seeing some nurses and other people who came to visit the sick, crossing the aisle in a inmodest clothing. ” What good is all that?” She said, referring to certain attires and hairstyles. “If they knew what eternity is!” Speaking of some doctors, whom she judged incredulous, she pitied them by saying: “Poor things! They do not know what awaits them! ” The girl said that the Madonna had appeared to her again and had told her that the sin that dragged more people to perdition was the sin of the flesh “.

The revelation of the Madonna

Day 10 February the time for the operation came, in the operating room everything seemed to have gone for the best. For a few days the doctors were convinced that they had saved her life, but then Jacinta’s pain and condition resumed suddenly. The new diagnosis was that from one day to the next the little girl would have passed away. A few days before her death, Jacinta appeared in full daylight (she usually appeared at night before she fell asleep) and from that moment on the pains disappeared: “Really, with the happy appearance that took place in full infirmary all the pains disappeared. She began to want to play and distract herself, which she did looking at postcards and religious images “.

At 18.00 on February 20, Jacinta began to feel strong pain again and realized that her time had come. The little seer insisted that a priest make her the last rites. Once she had satisfied her request, it was time to talk for the last time with the Madonna and during the night she took her last breath. The news spread quickly already from the first hours of the next day, arousing emotion and pain among Catholics. Jacinta was the only one to have accepted his premature death: already a few days before she died she had told her godmother that she would return to Fatima after her death and this made her happy. The prediction of the visionary was fulfilled in 1935 at the behest of the Bishop of Leira.

Luca Scapatello