Medjugorje: Secrets MAY INVOLVE USA. In little-known revelation from visionary.

Draga Vidovic is the author of the book “Salvation of Mankind”. The book is about the events that began on Apparition Hill with the appearance of Our Lady 40 years ago.

Draga is also the cousin of the visionary Vicka,
In her book she makes an interesting comment, connecting the 10 secrets and the United States. She makes the claim, in her book, that the 10 secrets may well involve the USA.
A little known fact about the apparitions and the ten secrets is that, Jakov Colo, the youngest visionary, received his tenth and final secret while visiting the United States.
It’s an observation that is all but forgotten by most people who pay close attention to the events.
The Queen of Peace told Jakov the tenth secret on September 11th, 1998, exactly three years before one of the most tragic days in American history.

Our Lady appeared to Jakov, in Florida, first announcing that Jakov should prepare in prayer for the following evening, when She would share with him the tenth and final secret.
Jakov has testified that he was very upset hearing the news that his daily apparitions would end because he knew that with the reception of his tenth secret, Our Lady would now come to him only once a year.
Jakov commented about the sad day saying: “If I stayed back home instead of going to the United States, maybe Our Lady would still be appearing to me.”
“But all that is part of God’s plan,”

This is all in Draga’s book as she recorded Jakov’s testimony in her book Salvation of Mankind.
Draga believes that Jakov’s tenth secret will involve the United States, and therefore it was no coincidence that he received it when visiting America.
Jakov’s own words, supposing that Our Lady may have still continued appearing to him if he had not visited the United States in 1998, strongly supports this possibility.
Over the years the visionaries have spoken of the possibility of severe chastisements that are connected to the final secrets.

The visionary Mirjana has been quoted saying that the final secrets must happe and that these chastisements are not irreversable.

After receiving the final secret, Jacov spoke with the late Fr. Slavko Barbaric, and said: “It was the hardest day for me. I thought of so many questions,what my life would be like from now onwards. How am I going to go on? I can say that I grew up with Our Lady. I was ten She started appearing to me, and the most important things I was able to learn about God and faith were from Her. She was like a mother to me, like a true friend. But I need to say that Our Lady gave me strength to overcome all of the difficulties I was facing. I realized that it was far more important to see Our Lady with our hearts, rather than with our eyes.”


The source for much of this material come from Father Daniel Klimek TOR