Our Lady of Medjugorje: We can achieve miracles by fasting, we can receive great graces

Fasting is a phenomenal weapon for spiritual warfare in these times of apostasy and spiritual laziness. From the first days of the apparition, the Međugorje Queen of Peace insists that we fast, on bread and water, every Wednesday and Friday of the year. “Fasting on bread and water is the most important thing to fight against the plans that Satan currently has”, said Medjugorje seer Marija Pavlović. “Our Lord reminds us that certain demons can only be driven out by prayer and fasting,” she added.

In the apparition, the Queen of Peace says, among other things: “be witnesses of hope, because I repeat to you, children: with prayer and fasting, even wars can be suppressed.” Countless times seers have reminded us that fasting works miracles, wars and natural disasters can be stopped because natural laws are stopped by fasting.

Here we bring twenty-six facts about fasting that were presented by Our Lady in Medjugorje and that confirm that fasting is one of the main weapons that we will need in the battle of the end times. Our Lady also calls fasting the ‘hands’ in which Satan’s power in your life is destroyed.

22 miracles and graces of fasting

1. Fasting stops wars.
2. Fasting can suspend the laws of nature.
3. Fasting lessens God’s punishments.
4. Fasting is a “hand”, a weapon of considerable power, with which atomic power cannot be compared. Atomic force does not have the strength to defeat Satan, fasting does.
5. Bread and water is the best fast.
6. Fasting, in order to be strong, must be done with the heart.
7. Fasting will fulfill all of Our Lady’s plan that God Himself has outlined for the salvation of the world in this special time.
8. By giving our fast to Our Lady, we “force” Satan so that he cannot lead us to evil and drives him away.
9. Fasting cleanses our hearts from the sins of our past. (Through confession, past sins are forgiven, but healing from a life vice or memory that Satan uses against us to bring us back to sin requires purification).
10. Fasting, together with prayer, and you WILL GET EVERYTHING you ask for.
11. Fasting sanctifies you to receive the Holy Spirit.
12. Humility is the fruit of fasting, when it is connected with prayer.
13. The current fast in the Church is not appropriate. Our Lady wants that to change. She said that fasting has been forgotten in the last quarter of this century in the Catholic Church. (In the past, the church fasted every Friday on bread and water, and before all major and minor holidays, and the Lenten fast was indeed that)
14. Fasting is one element that prevents Satan from defeating us. The hands for this are fasting combined with prayer.
15. Satan is furious against those who fast and convert.
16. Fasting for the sick can heal them together with faith and prayer.
17. Fasting, together with prayer, was offered by Our Lady as a remedy to stop the debates of the holy priesthood.
18. Fasting will bring the Kingdom of God among us.
19. Fasting makes our Lady happy.
20. Fasting will make prayer more powerful.
21. Our Lady will ensure that the greatest good comes out of our fasting. She wants us to give her our post in which she “disposes” of it according to God’s will.
22. Fasting, together with prayer, especially prayer in community, will protect you from Satan’s aggression in destroying marriages, creating divisions among priests and breaking him in his plans of possession and murder in today’s society for which Our Lady says he is responsible.
23. In order to receive grace from God, it is best that no one knows that you are fasting.
24. We should fast out of gratitude.
25. Fasting should be encouraged in others.
26. Our Lady tells us to prepare for the coming of Jesus by fasting.

From the book: Words from Heaven, Messages of Our Lady of Medjugorje