Hope? Medjugorje Pilgrim Takes Photo… Claims Our Lady Appeared in the Sky

Facebook Post from Medjugorje Yesterday by Owen ‎Gerard McDonagh‎..”Our lady appearing in Medjugorje sky yesterday” 


From Medjugorje, in particular, Mary warns us that the time of her attentions, sooner or later, will end. She does so by entrusting countless messages to the visionaries that she has invited us to take her only-begotten Son Jesus Christ as an example and to always follow in his footsteps and teachings.


Medjugorje: Message of May 25, 2006 – peace be in your heart

“Dear children, even today I invite you to put into practice and live my messages that I give you. Decide for holiness, children, and think of Paradise. Only in this way will you have peace in your hearts that nobody can destroy. Peace is a gift that God gives you in prayer . Children, seek and work with all your might, so that peace may win in your hearts and in the world. Thanks for answering my call . “