Medjugorje Today: The Permanent Sign Will Convert the Church to Recognize Our Lady at Medjugorje… One Seer will still have daily apparitions

This report is taken from a trancript of an interview between Father Livio and Vicka on Radio Maria

FATHER LIVIO – I was very struck by what Our Lady said about the third secret, which concerns the sign on the mountain. You visionaries have said that it is a visible, indestructible sign that comes from the Lord. But she also said: «Hurry to convert. When the promised sign appears on the hill it will be too late “(September 2, 1982). Another time he also said: “Even when I leave the mark I promised you on the hill, many will not believe. They will come to the hill, they will kneel, but they will not believe. Now is the time to convert and do penance ”(July 19, 1981). Why do you think people will see the sign but will not convert?

VICKA –The third secret concerns the sign he will leave here in Medjugorje on the mount of apparitions. This sign will remain forever but it will be given above all for those people who are still far from God. Our Lady wants to give the possibility to these people who see the sign to be able to believe in God. Once I got to see this sign in vision.

FATHER LIVIO – Have you already seen the sign?
VICKA – Yes, I saw it in a vision.

FATHER LIVIO – Jakov once in an interview with Radio Maria said that to see the sign it will be necessary to come here to Medjugorje. It is true?
VICKA –Yes, it’s true. The sign remains on Podbrdo and you have to come here to see it. This sign will remain forever and will be indestructible. As for those people who will see and who will not believe, one can think that their hearts are too closed. Each person is responsible for their own choices: only those people who are far from God and who have a heart of stone can remain indifferent to the sign, the others certainly not. Those people who have good intentions but who find it hard to believe or who cannot believe, here, for them the sign will be a help. But for those people who do everything against God, the sign will be of no use.

FATHER LIVIO – So the sign will be an extreme help for non-believers, but won’t it also be the way that will push the Church to recognize the apparitions as authentic?
VICKA – Yes, certainly it is a way for the Church to be sure that Our Lady has truly been in Medjugorje for all these years. Our Lady weighs on everyone, both non-believers and the Church. We alone have the decision to respond to his call, also through this sign. This sign will be a sign that cannot be made by man, but only by God. When the sign arrives, no one will be able to say that it comes from elsewhere, because it will be evident that it comes only from God.

FATHER LIVIO – This means that when the time comes for the manifestation of the secrets ranging from the fourth to the tenth, the sign will always remain visible and will serve to comfort us. But you said last year that during the time of the ten secrets there will be a seer who will still have the daily apparitions.
VICKA – Yes, that’s something I can confirm to you now. It remains to be seen which seer will be chosen by the Madonna.

FATHER LIVIO – A seer who will be chosen among you, Marija and Ivan. Mirjana was told about this but replied that she did not know anything. What does this mean? What has this thing been said to you personally?
VICKA –Our Lady told me personally. He didn’t say anything else: now let’s wait. She will surely give us other explanations when the time comes.