Please watch this video – Our Lady is very worried right now like never before

OUR LADY SAYS: “THE WORLD IS AT RISK OF SELF-DESTRUCTION” After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Pope Francis’ statement that the world has entered into a “piecemeal” third world war gained worldwide attention a year ago. Now as the world pivots to the Holy Land, with nuclear powers of Russia, Israel, and USA, circling each other and their enemies like hungry sharks who can doubt the world is now at risk of self-destruction.

Pope Francis warns of looming threat of World War III

Pope Francis has repeatedly warned of the growing threat of a third world war, urging world leaders to take concrete steps to avert such a catastrophe.

In a 2022 interview, the Pope said that the world was already living through a “piecemeal” third world war, citing conflicts in Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, and elsewhere. He warned that the world was on the brink of a “larger conflict” that could engulf the entire globe.

The Pope has also spoken out against the proliferation of nuclear weapons, calling them a “grave threat to humanity.” He has urged world leaders to work towards the elimination of nuclear weapons, saying that their use would be “immoral and inhumane.”

In a recent address, the Pope said that the world was facing a “choice between solidarity and destruction.” He called on people to choose solidarity, saying that it was the only way to build a peaceful future.

The Pope’s warnings about the threat of World War III have been echoed by other world leaders and experts. In a recent report, the United Nations warned that the world was facing a “new era of geopolitical competition” that could lead to conflict.

The threat of World War III is a serious one. It is important to heed the Pope’s warnings and to work towards a more peaceful world.

Are we nearing the time of the secrets? The visionaries do not say much in this subject themselves, but experts believe that signs have begun to appear partly due to the conversion of Russia, already underway, thanks to the regained religious freedom. For the most part, however, it has yet to be realized, because apostasy from faith is also taking place in the West and at the same time the world, for the first time in human history, is at risk of self-destruction “. Radio Maria’s Father Livio asks: How can we save the world? The Queen of Peace would like to bring us back to the faith, so that we may realize the serious danger we are running and how important it is to counteract the evil that is spreading in the world. “Our Lady sees that we are building a world without God : for this you are unhappy and for this reason there is neither future nor eternal life. Self-destruction is a concrete possibility: man can destroy the planet on which he lives and Our Lady has come, as Queen of Peace, to preserve us “.